If you have an SMB, or you miss these fundamental marketing tips!

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If you have an SMB, or you miss these fundamental marketing tips!

Value your customers: when you receive a potential buyer in your mobile phone number database india let them know, from the beginning, that you care, and a lot, that they receive the personalized attention they deserve, the simplest way to do it is taking care of ALL THE DETAILS: The premises must be clean, well ventilated, easily accessible and show functionality and practicality. For example, if you are a doctor, make sure the patient has good chairs to wait for their turn, updated magazines on hand to read, and nice music to listen to.
Make yourself noticed: a good sign in the front of your business will let all the people who pass by know what products and services you offer; You can also count on colorful and practical brochures to distribute on the street where you explain, clearly and directly, what you offer, with your address, telephone number, website and social networks.

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Impose your brand: large companies have a very clear policy on the appearance that their stores, products and employees should present, so, for example, in each Pepsi, Coca-Cola or Apple store you will find staff dressed in the clothes colors that identify the brand and multiple references to its worldwide success. Do the same! Put your stamp on each space of your business … without exaggerating, but making it clear who you are and what you offer.
Always add a plus: add to your products and services an extra that makes a difference, for example, if you sell cars, give a free inspection a year; If you sell computers, offer to check the antivirus of the machine they just bought from you; If you rent houses, take care of the expenses of the move. These are details that add up to a lot.Remember that in the variety is the taste: do not allow your entire business to focus only on one product or service, make sure you always have new options available to attract customers. For example, if you sell cell phones you can offer accessories such as covers; If you sell furniture, also offer cushions, pendants, lamps. The objective is to ensure a loyal clientele throughout the year and that is impossible if each product you sell costs a fortune: having an option b ensures a constant income of money that may seem insignificant at the moment but that, when doing the accounts at end of the month, you will see that it really makes a difference.

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