Implications of 5G technology in digital marketing

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Implications of 5G technology in digital marketing

The number of mobile devices that request to connect to the Internet in the world only increases every day. Faced with this growing digital pressure, favored by the progressive implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G technology emerges as a response that will improve connectivity, both in quality and speed. Data updating and communication in real time are imposed. Also, of course, in digital china phone number free forced to evolve as this standard of access to the web becomes widespread in all corners of the world.
What is 5G and what advantages does it bring?
5G is a mobile Internet connection standard whose main advantage over 4G technology is that it has a much lower latency . This means that the time it takes to get an order from the sending device to the receiver is considerably reduced: 5G is 10 times faster than 4G.So how will 5G improve our livesAdvantages of 5G for private userAs smartphone users, when connecting to a 5G network we will notice:A practically instantaneous download of the contents: we will be able to download entire movies and series in a few seconds.Greater fluidity in viewing videos and streaming broadcasts .
Updating of application data in real time.
Better synchronization with other gadgets and wearables (smart watches and speakers, programmable appliances, etc.).Advantages of 5G at a technological and industrial level
5G will make possible a number of technological advances, such as:

The automation of the handling of heavy machinery.
The development of driverless vehicles.
Carrying out medical interventions remotely.
5G yes, but by when?
5G is currently at the cusp of the hype cycle defined by Gartner , which analyzes the evolution of the expectation that emerging technologies arouse among the general public. Mobile manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi have already launched the first mobile terminals on the market, seeking to conquer one of the 10 million early adopters who will be connected to 5G in the world before the end of 2019Hyple cycle defined by Gartner on the evolution of expectations aroused by emerging technologies
Hyple cycle defined by Gartner on the evolution of expectations aroused by emerging technologies
The last ‘Mobility Report’ of Ericsson , released last June, provides for the implementation of the 5G will be massive worldwide within just five years. According to Ericsson, by 2024 :5G networks will account for 35% of the planet’s mobile traffic.5G coverage will reach 45% of the world’s population.
There will be 1.9 billion mobile devices using this technology.
These data are a clear warning for brands:It is time to renew and adapt the digital marketing strategy to users eager to consume online content here and now, on their mobile and without waiting.LUCÍA GONZÁLEZ , AUDIO, VIDEO & CONNECTED TV MANAGING DIRECTOR AT LABELIUM GROUP
Consequences of the implementation of 5G for digital marketing
More specifically, the jump from 4G to 5G will have various consequences in the digital marketing ecosystem . At Labelium Group we have identified these five:Higher loading speed
Despite the fact that mobile devices have long displaced desktop computers in the preferences of users’ web content consumption, certain activities such as watching high-quality videos or visiting certain pages from smartphones are, even today, today, infuriating. Cuts in playback, incalculable seconds waiting for content to load in the browser … All this will end with 5G. Thanks to the loading speed that this technology allows, it will be possible to:

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Create video ads gulf email list with a higher resolution , which when played does not slow down the loading of the webs.
Boost streaming video broadcasts .Forget about the AMP standard ( accelerated mobile pages ).
New interactive advertising formatsDue to the very low latency of 5G, the opportunity opens up to integrate the user in virtual reality and augmented reality environments , designing platforms and advertisements where their movements and actions trigger changes instantly in a fluid way.
The combination between 5G and augmented reality will be extremely positive for e-commerce, which will be able to offer their potential customers an almost real interaction with the product before buying it.
3. A superior user experience
With networks prepared to satisfy the most impatient, the frustration of content that does not load or videos that do not play correctly will evaporate. The user experience will be considerably better, with which many advanced Internet users will find it unnecessary to use ad blockers to speed up browsing.
The consequence? Free way for brands to impact audiences with their advertising that until now they have not been able to reach, with a foreseeable increase in CTR and a reduction in bounce rates .
The user experience in mobile browsing will improve with 5G
4. Extreme customization
The IoT will finally become a reality thanks to 5G. Synchronization between devices, Artificial Intelligence and automation will crystallize in extreme personalization digital marketing strategies . These will take into account data such as the real-time location of each individual, or which products they have already bought and which they have not, to show them content adapted to the moment on their smartphoneThis IoT boom will lead to the golden age of big data . With edge computing , the collection and exploitation of data will no longer be slow, heavy, centralized and cumbersome. 5G will make it happen in milliseconds directly at each node, facilitating real-time analysis, decision-making and automation of responses.
On the other hand, this massive data collection that will drive the IoT will help digital marketers to:
Get to know your audiences more thoroughly, getting to know about them tremendously specific characteristics, and segment them with greater precision for the launch of campaigns.
Know where to find -virtually and physically- your target practically every second.
The union between 5G and marketing will therefore illuminate very effective tools for customer satisfaction. The key will lie in studying consumer behavior to the millimeter and defining ultra-personalized solutions for the touchpoints of the customer journey .

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