Inbound Commerce: How to use Inbound Marketing for E-commerce

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Inbound Commerce: How to use Inbound Marketing for E-commerce

The IM application in e-commerce was named Inbound Commerce. In this post, we are going to present the main ways to use the methodology for virtual storesInbound Commerce Process
As in Inbound Marketing, e-commerce customers go through four stages in the purchase processFor online sales, your e-commerce needs to have a content strategy to convert the 98% of consumers who are in stages 1 or 2 of the purchase processThis conversion happens when the user provides contact information. The secret is to create the correct trigger so that you will be convinced to leave your information.To generate this trigger, automate your actions and accompany your leads through the sales funnel , we are going to discuss the main strategies in Inbound CommerceEditable template for a successful cell phone number database proposal!
Do you want to make a successful sale of Digital Marketing services for your clientsHow to convert to E-commercLanding PagCreating LPs ( Landing Pages ) is part of IM’s strategy. In the case of an e-commerce, the LP can be used in a special way to encourage the consumer to convert.In an e-commerce, it is possible to create a super promotion with a product and only show the price after the conversion. It is also possible to make LPs of unique products, focused on their characteristics in a way that the product page does not, with a lot of information. With these practices, your conversion rate will always go up.

A good strategy to convert more is to deliver an irresistible offer for users who are ready to leave your website, such as a 10% discount on products. To achieve the discount, the user must convert, that is, fill in the Email field. The form has to be objective and contain the language and design used for your audience.Another example is 2-step forms. In the first one you can ask a simple yes or no question, like “Do you want to have shiny hair?” In the second step, the person registers the email to receive your content with tips and products for shiny hair.Lead Maintenance
Cart abandonment An abandoned cart is nothing more than a lost sales opportunity. We are going to treat it as a traditional Lead that has returned to the sales funnel.
A Wordplay study shows that most users abandon the shopping cart because they find unexpected additional costs, better prices elsewhere, or because they were still looking for information about the product. The average cart abandonment percentage is 38%. According to Sebrae, it is an index considered common. It can be seen as the online version of consumers who enter a physical store, try the product and do not close the purchase.In addition to the need to have certifications and security seals to give consumers peace of mind at the time of closing, there are many strategies to make those who have abandoned the cart, return to buy in your store.Use the automated email to remember the visit to your store by offering some benefit, such as free transportation or a discount on the purchase. Remarketing tactics also work well when adjusted correctlyThe Email Marketing in Commerce Inbound follows the same idea of producing valuable content, that is, not only a way to present your products and sell them directly.Sharing emails with your audience is a way to create a sustainable and personalized relationship. In addition, it is an efficient way to evaluate customer satisfaction and the main strategy to avoid cart abandonment and increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce.

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Some of the most common emails are newsletters, new user registration emails and order notifications.When it comes to after-sales, Email Marketing gulf email list has an indispensable function. The first post-sale step is to say thank you for the purchase. At this time, take the opportunity to talk more about your brand and direct the buyer to other relationship networks.Offer specific information about the transaction made: among the information sent must be the order confirmation, when the product was sent to the carrier and what the delivery date.Finally, ask your customer if the product was received correctly and has met their expectations and needs. This is the time to identify points of improvement in the sale and gather testimonials or evaluations of your products to serve as a reference and experience for future transactionsLead scoring and automationLead Scoring is a tool to score Leads based on determined values. In the RD Station, the Lead Scoring is automatic and complete, since it considers two aspects in the Leads analysis and provides 2 different notes with criteria and weights based on the company’s results history.In addition to the possibility of giving notes to the Lead profiles (position, age, location), the notes are also generated according to the importance of each one in the business (access to product pages, cart abandonment, registration). From the notes, you can automate what Leads , opportunities or customers.This is essential for the automation and nutrition of the leads. The differential is to think of smart strategies to automate actions. Defines valid criteria to generate the automatic actionExample: If the Lead added items to the cart but has not purchased, it becomes an opportunity. If you made the product purchase, it is a sale. If you have registered on the site, you become a Lead. Thus, nutrition is providing the right content to the right person at the right time, guiding them through the sales funnel.

Before, you knew that someone entered a product page and left without closing the purchase. Now you will know who entered the page, for example, Rafael and that he did it 3 times in the last week. An automated abandoned cart email offering free transportation, a product discount on exit intent, or an attractive landing page can all be ways to boost the saleWith the ever higher cost to attract new users, the conversion rate of your e-commerce is the most important key in the strategy. It is much cheaper to sell more to current visitors than it is to new visitors. So, focus on your ecommerce conversion rate for sustainable growth.RD Station software offers automation and lead nutrition functionalities, Landing Page creation and lead generation, Email Marketing, SEO, social media, contact management and Lead Scoring, monitoring, analysis and planning. In each of the functionalities there are different uses of the platform for the needs of your e-commerce. Thus, you can easily identify which actions are getting more customers for your store.This guest post was originally written by Rodrigo Martucci, from the Nação Digital agency . You can find here the original post in Portuguese.

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