Inbound Marketing: Differentiate your digital agency with performance marketing

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Inbound Marketing: Differentiate your digital agency with performance marketing

In today’s world the only constant is change and particularly in the Digital Marketing industry  active phone numbers in us where innovation, new services and solutions are the order of the day. This is why, in an increasingly informed and mature market, differentiating ourselves from the competition with Digital Marketing services is an increasingly complex challenge.
There are agencies that are specialized or focused on just one service, for example: paid media, software and mobile application development, social media management or email marketing. Others for their part offer several of these services in a single package. But at this point, what makes YOU different from others? What is your competitive advantage?
And more importantly, if I were a client, why should I hire your services and not those of the competitionThe Inbound Marketing or digital marketing results, can be a good answer to those questions. You could offer an integrated Digital Marketing methodology that is a global trend in generating results, compete with an innovative service and teach a different philosophy and sales strategy. In short, you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competition and emerge victorious in the competitive world of digital agencies, delivering marketing results . Why Inbound Marketing agency is different from the others?
Generate better Sales Opportunities:
An agency that delivers results is one that gives its client sales opportunities that meet two basic requirements for a good sale:

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Profile desired by the company for whom the purchase is made.
Interest in buying that  gulf email list product and / or service.
These two requirements are essential because, for example: if a customer has great interest in buying and we sell after a while he will want to return the product or suspend the service because he realized that for his profile that purchase does not make much sense. Or, for example, if we have someone with the perfect profile compared to the one desired by the company but they do not show any interest in our product / service, we would not be doing Inbound Marketing that is based on attraction (or as some call it, on seduction) but outbound (the company looks for the customer).Real Metrics:
Delivering measurable and relevant results ( ROI: Return on Investment ) is a challenging task, but with Inbound Marketing you will be able to measure daily, weekly and monthly the effectiveness of your client’s business by understanding metrics such as:
Number of traffic generated for company channels
Number of Leads generated
Number of Opportunities sent to the commercial team
Number of clients achieved
New sales for those who are already a customer (cross-selling or upselling)
However, it is essential to understand that these metrics should not be analyzed separately. Conversion rates from one stage to another (of the sales funnel) must be analyzed and understood to understand whether the sales machine is working well or not.

One of the ways to define success for an agency is to help generate more sales to your clients. What would happen to sales if those prospects that are sent to Sales from Marketing already know the product and / or service, have already been nurtured with information and offers; And they also maintain a constant interaction with your brand? Will closing rates in sales increase?This is what we call Optimizing the Sales process (Sales Machine), this is where the services of the Marketing area or the contracted agencies gain value: when the prospects that are passed to Sales are ready to buy, when the ROI it is evident in every Marketing action. A very famous term recently is that of “Smarketing” , when the sales and marketing team are aligned and manage to coordinate their functions and actions to achieve the final goals and / or objectives of the business. With this premise, both areas are the same team. With Inbound marketing, both areas are strategically supported.More predictability for your agency:It allows you to create a condition in which your agency has recurring (frequent) clients – for example: semi-annual or annual packages based on a medium and long-term strategy and that guarantees the retention of clients for a longer time. In this way the agency is NOT depending on the “stability” of the market.One of the biggest problems for agencies in Latin America is that they provide unique or specialized services, where at the end of the contract time, the specific project or the urgency of the service, the agency does NOT have sources of extra income since they depend on these only clients Projects.

What would happen then if, we not only offer our traditional services and in which we are specialists, if we do not offer integrated service packages with long-term contracting? Once services that positively impact the client’s business are being delivered, he will stay with the agency longer. This financial predictability is what allows us to have a monthly budget and continue to exist as an agency, as well as making us grow.
Increase in agency billing (higher revenue):
Guarantee a good functioning of the sales funnel = sustainability + business predictability.
With Inbound Marketing in your agency:By replicating this methodology for your clients, they generate a predictable and scalable sales machine. With that, you guarantee well-planned actions, aligned expectations, satisfied customers, and greater customer retention for longer.
You have the possibility to upgrade services (increase the package of services currently offered).
Charge a fair price and do not give away your work, because you are not desperate to receive contracts because you have a monthly financial predictability with recurring clients.
It is better able to fight with the competition, once it offers results.
Acquire new clients using the Inbound Marketing methodology for the same agency, thus attracting their clients and winning them over.

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