Influencer Marketing: What is it and how can you create a successful campaign?

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Influencer Marketing: What is it and how can you create a successful campaign?

Influence platforms such as Hivency have conducted research which concluded that, in 2022, influencer us based mobile number will be worth $ 15 million.Having an influencer is a very attractive idea. However, just like other marketing strategies are planned, you should be aware of who the top influencers are and even which ones could work within your brand.marketing consists of a branch of digital marketing focused on social networks, where a famous person or blogger is used to promote a product or service.In general, these influencers have a large number of followers, who trust the recommendations they will give. In that sense, it is known that 35% of companies choose to summon influencers who have less than 10,000 followers. This is because these types of bloggers have a better reach in their publications.
The impulse that influencer marketing has had has been given precisely by the times in which we live. A time where people stay safe and visit the internet. Thus, 89% of companies indicate that they have the support of influencers since, in this time of pandemic, they manage to connect with an audience that is aware of social networks.One of the main mistakes that different brands make is contacting people solely because they have a large number of followersAlthough having a legion of users who follow them is important. You also have to take into consideration the types of influencers that exist. And these are:Here you will find celebrities such as actors, footballers, writers, musicians. People who will help improve brand recognition. Being public figures and praised for their work, they can reach an infinite number of followers.
They are those that come to be considered as benchmarks in their field and have managed to achieve a great digital trend. His number of followers ranges from 100,000 to a million followers. Depending on what social network you are on.Micro influencers
People who have 10 thousand and 150 thousand followers on social networks such as Instagram and can reach 10 thousand on YouTube. They are not given an economic benefit but free brand products so as well as promoting it, they can keep it.

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And in the lowest part of the “pyramid of influencers” is this group. His followers vary between a  gulf email list  thousand and 10 thousand followers, having the advantage that his audience turns out to be very loyal.On the other hand, in digital marketing we will find all kinds of influencers specialized in an area and looking for the opportunity to form an alliance with a brand.
Some specialties are: Gamers: People in this field are influencers with great charisma showing themselves on camera and sharing with their followers moments where we see them enjoy a video game
Travel: They are characters dedicated to showing us the best landscapes in the world and seeing different cultural customs.
Makeup: Influencers will focus on promoting beauty products themselves to show the public the authenticity of the product and if there are good results.
Vloggers: Their content consists of showing the day to day of their lives and then showing it to their fans.
Fitness: In this section, those influencers dedicated to presenting content related to sport and a fit lifestyle.
Importance of influencer marketing
In general aspects, it was said that influencer marketing has a great importance mainly in social networks, one of them being Instagram.According to 79% of marketers, this social network is the favorite to develop marketing campaigns with influencers . The reasons behind this are that there are 80% of Internet users looking for products and services there.

In addition, 130 million users are known to click on a post that contains a “product of the month” tag, motivated by curiosity to see if they can benefit from it.
However, Instagram has come up with a strong competition with a name: TikTok. In 2020 alone, the well-known video social network already had one billion users per month. A figure that goes hand in hand with 2 billion downloads.
This platform has been able to penetrate young users. 41% of users on TikTok are between 16 and 14 years old. And they are the ones who spend 80 minutes a day reviewing videos and getting various influencers to achieve 29% of the reach.importance of influencer marketing
How to advertise for influencers in Peru?
Planning a brand strategy with influencers can be very beneficial for Peruvian brands. In Peru, 44% of social media users are following an influencer, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos.
To be able to start working with influencers in Peru. The first thing will be to talk with that person and define what objectives can be achieved through their profile.
This collaboration will go hand in hand with specific details such as the amount of content that will be promoted and the frequency and scope that it is estimated to be able to achieve.
There are also 5 key points that you should take into account when advertising for influencer:
Choose the influencer who can accommodate your brand.
Evaluate your audience based on their engagement levels and post reach.
Remember that the influencer must feel a good connection with your brand.
Study if your followers can be potential customers.
That your content is natural and is not far from what influencer does on their networks.
Other information that you should take into consideration is the rate for Peruvian influencers. In the Peruvian market the costs range from $ 30 to $ 10,000.

It is also important to specify that influencers are now subject to the Law for the Repression of Unfair Competition, presented by Indecopi in 2019. Under this law, influencers must carry out transparency practices when presenting sponsored content since they have thousands of followerIndecopi has made it clear that it does not seek to intervene in the market or harm influencers since both the internet and social networks are within the right of freedom of expression or information. That is why the body has been educating and informing about how to carry out advertising practices so that influencers do not make mistakes and end up being fined.
marketing strategy, certain elements must be established for the campaign to be successful. Next, you will discover step by step how to do it:The basic and essential point where you must start. What are you looking for with that future influencer marketing strategy? What are my goals? These are questions that you should answer after having studied your audience.In that sense, some objectives that you can achieve can be:
Brand awareness: If your intention is for people to know and enjoy your brand.
Build a brand identity: Let people see the personality and values ​​of your company.
Followers growth: Get more people to follow you and subscribe.
Engagement: Get more shares, comments and likes on your content.
Sales: Get people to buy your products / services.
Loyal to the brand: People who will stay interested and connected with your brand.
t will the influencer do with your product
At this point, it is not enough just to give a product of your brand to the influencer. You must take into account what they will do with it to promote your business.You can ask them for different things such as making a review or mention of the product, advertising it on their networks, contests or sweepstakes, discount codes for their followers or becoming ambassadors of your brand.

What is your target audience? It is a question that should be answered before starting an influencer marketing strategy because you must keep in mind what type of audience you are looking to approach
Take time to describe the type of person you will be targeting. To do this, you must define a demographic and psychographic segmentation. Once this is done, it will be much easier to identify who your potential customers are and the type of content they usually visit. ​Rate your influencersIt is always better to start with small influencers, since they are the ones who can have an ideal market with which to work. Unlike the big influencers where you may not find your niche audience.Do not get carried away by the emotion of finding a great influencer and that this is decisive to establish a relationship with him. See if that audience will really be interested in a brand like yoursA great idea to quickly grab an influencer’s attention is to offer them content that can’t be rejected. One case could be making content for your blog or website. Show him that working with you will be beneficial.To do this, you will have to investigate what the influencer is missing in terms of content and thus you will have a great opportunity to work together.The well-known beauty brand did an interesting job with different influencers when it decided to launch its spring line. Choosing the best characters in the beauty sector, each one presented their own personal collectionTo do this, they teamed up with the beauty influencer Gabriel Zamora, who became the male face of MAC with his own line along with other celebrities such as athlete Caitlyn JennerThis renowned sportswear company launched in 2020 a campaign dedicated to the “Day of the Dead”, a Mexican celebration that featured the participation of Juanpa Zurita, an influencer with more than 25 million followers on Instagram

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