Initiative Q. The means of payment that will end credit cards

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Initiative Q. The means of payment that will end credit cards

There are things in technology that we are not aware of until it is too late to jump on the bandwagon. Let’s take the example of Bitcoin. Would you have signed up if you had been invited years ago, when cryptocurrency theory was just an idea on paper and it was taking its first steps?
Surely the answer is yes, because if you had been gifted or had been able to get a single Bitcoin years ago, today that single Bitcoin would have a value of more than $ 50,000.

Something similar could happen with the project I want to tell you about: The Q initiative tries to become a new means of digital payment and for this it needs a series of conditions (just like any currency). Some ex-PayPal employees have launched it a short time ago and it tries to replace credit cards (created in 1950) as a means of digital payment and Netherlands Phone Number List create their own currency, the Q. For it to work there must be a base installed from relevant users and to make this happen they are giving away Q for users to start using (and invites will end soon)All of this comes on the InitiativeQ website , but I’ll try to summarize it below.

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What does the value of a coin depend on?Speed ​​of money Circulating volume
Cryptocurrencies are said to have  Gulf Email List a current value of $ 1 trillion, but have failed as a means of payment. Do you know someone who has paid for something in cryptocurrencies? Okay, you’ve already answered the question.And the current value of the Q is currently estimated at $ 2 trillion . Currently they have reserved the production of 2 billion Q, and the Q Marketing seems that it will start the nominal value of $ 1, although if it ends up working logically the value of this means of payment will increase and we will see how far it can go.
To understand the economic model of the InitiativeQ, I recommend you take a look at this website , but I anticipate that if you do not have knowledge of economics, it will be difficult to digest. In the meantime, this video (with the ability to include subtitles if you are not fluent in Shakespeare’s language, will help you a lot to stay with “the concept”

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