Instagram launches function to hide “embarrassing” photos

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Instagram launches function to hide “embarrassing” photos

Until April 2017, Instagram reported more than 700 million users and it is expected that by 2018 it will exceed the barrier of one billion users , as more than 400 million users review the application daily. Instagram Benin Mobile Number List continues to release tools and new options for its users, previously it launched a new feature that allows users to hide old photos. On this occasion, it unveiled “Archive” , a feature that allows users to archive or hide old photos that are embarrassing. Benin Mobile Number List

Although it will not remove them completely, the function only enforces privacy to hide photos that are chosen by the user from the public. According to The Washington Post, the target of the tool is teenagers , who routinely delete photos or upload videos to the platform. With the changes, Instagram, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, seeks that users do not delete their stock of content, but modify or hide it, but not delete it.

In addition to increasing its user base, Instagram increases its impact on brands, since only in 2020 influencer marketing will be worth 10 billion dollars . With so many millions of followers, the Brother Cell Phone List company has enough platform for brands to develop complex influencer marketing strategies. At some point, Engadget revealed the salaries of influencers for the social network, which range from $ 10,000 to half a million dollars, depending on the character, company and the number of followers.

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