Instagram Stories: How to take advantage of them to advertise your brand?

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Instagram Stories: How to take advantage of them to advertise your brand?

But, it’s not just about creating content that makes your products or services known. For your Instagram Stories strategy to be successful, you must use all the tools it offers you to make your content interactive and  cell phone number database download entertaining.Therefore, here are some tips to make the most of Instagram Stories for brands, and increase visibility and commitment to your brand. Around 500 million people use Instagram Stories on a daily basis, of which ⅓ of the most viewed are from business accounts. In addition, according to data provided by Instagram, 75% of these people take some action after viewing the Stories, either visiting the company’s website or making a purchase. This makes this tool an excellent medium for advertising while strengthening your brand positioning. But, before explaining how Instagram Storie can help you create and strengthen the relationship with your audience, we will talk about the benefits that these have for the growth of your brand.Engage your audience A great way to build ties with your audience while increasing your brand’s visibility is by using User Generated Content (UGC), that is, user-generated content.

You can ask an open question and invite your users to tag you on their Instagram Stories with the answer to motivate interaction with your brand. In addition, use the question stickers and share the answers of your audience in your Instagram Stories or share the mentions that users make of your brand.
Studies show that 92% of Instagram users trust more in the content created by the user than in the commercial . Take advantage of this and share all the content created by your users that you can.
Build trust in your audience
To build trust you need transparency. A great way to do this is to show your audience how you make your products, your creative process, your workspace, your team, and even talk about mistakes they have made.

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In addition, you can share tutorials, tips or inspiring advice for those who want to position  gulf email list  themselves withinyour industry or learn about it. And even better if you can get in front of the camera and speak to your audience.
This will also allow you to strengthen the relationship with your audience and position yourself as a reference within the community. What better way to get closer than showing all the elaborate work and process behind your company?
Human side of the brand
Some large companies have chosen to approach their audience by showing their social work actions through Instagram Stories, this is a great action.

You can also use the Stories to disseminate content related to actions that go beyond the sale of your products, and transmit the identity of your brand . Either participating in charitable activities, contributing to the environment or showing a different facet of your company.
This type of content allows you to create empathy with your community. Therefore, if your company performs this type of action, do not hesitate to spread it in your Stories.
Of course, always focus on how the actions of your business contribute to important causes and involve your audience. You will be amazed at the kind of responses you can get.
Carry out mini market studies easily
The different Instagram Stories tools such as: question box, surveys and questionnaires allow you to easily carry out a small market study to learn more about the tastes, preferences and needs of your audience.
For example, if you have a hamburger restaurant, you can use the polls so that users decide between their two favorite combos and put the most voted in promotion.
And if you have a sports supplement store, you can use the question box to find out the doubts that your public has about the use of supplements and help them solve them.
Limited time offers and promotions
Instagram Stories allows you to make immediate and limited-time advertising with great ease. Because of the way in which the Stories are designed and their duration, they generate the feeling of immediacy and practicality.herefore, if you find yourself developing a flash sale or Cyber ​​Week, or a one-day raffle, spreading them through your Instagram Stories is a good option. Additionally, offering one-day discount coupons has been proven to be an effective way to use Instagram Stories for brands.
Tips for using Instagram stories
tips for Instagram Stories
The first thing to keep in mind when using Instagram Stories is the way in which the algorithm of this tool works: constantly interact with your users . In a dynamic, friendly and constant way, your communication with your audience is key to any campaign on Instagram Stories.
But, the image and presentation of your brand through Stories are also very important. Here are some tips to get the most out of Instagram Stories:

Quality and size of images and / or videos
The visual quality of the content you share speaks about your brand. Therefore, make sure that your photos, videos and images are in high resolution, and in the right size for Stories (1200 × 628 px).
No matter what platform you use to share content, it is important that your brand identity is present in your publications. Therefore, use colors that identify your brand and a font that is consistent with the identity of your company.
And make sure the font color you use doesn’t bleed into the background of your image.
Promote interaction
Instagram Stories has different tools that allow you to generate interaction with your audience such as: surveys, questionnaires and question boxes. This is a great opportunity to connect with your audience.
Use these tools to ask your audience questions and encourage them to engage with your content.
Use hashtags and geolocation
Hashtags are a great way to position your content to reach the right people, and this also applies to Instagram Stories. Include a couple of relevant hashtags according to the content of your Storie and don’t forget to put the geolocation of your business. So users will know where to locate it and Instagram will show your content to people close to your location.Variety of formats
Do not stop at sharing only images or videos, Instagram Stories allows you to share content in a wide variety of formats that you must explore. From images to boomerangs (moving images), photo booths, short videos and much more.

Try to share content with these different formats to make your Stories more entertaining. Features of Instagram Stories for businesses
instagram stories unctionsNow that you know how to start using Instagram Stories to get the most out of them, you should know what are the specific functions that Instagram Stories has for companies. Stickers to motivate actions stickers to motivate actions
Starting with 14k users, Instagram allows public and business accounts to add links or calls-to-action so that users can easily access their websites or other platforms. In addition, you can add a series of stickers to your Stories to encourage your audience to interact with your content.If you already have this number of followers, feel free to use links to invite your audience to access your contentSome companies use the emoji slider to measure the level of appreciation that their users have for the content that is being presented or increase the number of interactions.You can customize the emojis according to the emotion you want to measure. Also, this does not require an extensive response from the user, so it is a good way to generate immediate interactions.
In the same way, using emoji sliders creatively, placing indicators that go from “Yes”, “Maybe” and “No”, turns these stickers into the favorites of some makeup brands like CyZone.An excellent alternative to generate interaction within your Stories are question stickers. You can ask open-ended questions, request the opinion of your users about the new content that you have shared or simply know the opinion of your audience on a topic in trend.Some local companies such as the media or NGOs prefer this form of communication.If you find yourself promoting a product and you have the store option activated in your Instagram account, you can place a direct access to your product through the Instagram Stories store stickers.So users can know with a single click the type of product, the price, how to buy it and all the information you have put about your product. Countdown stickers are available on Instagram Stories for brands and the general public. However, they are very useful for companies, since they allow you to generate expectation and keep users in suspense.

You can create a countdown that announces the launch of a new product, special campaign, or limited-time offer. Whatever the type of content, it is an effective tool when it comes to engaging your communityInstagram Stories allows you to carry out live broadcasts, this is very useful both to interact with your followers and to promote your products and / or services directly or indirectly.
In addition, all connected users will see that you are doing a live on the front page of the platform. Your live will appear before other people’s Stories. And all your followers will receive a notification when you are doing a Live, which increases your chance of reaching more users.Instagram Stories Ads allows you to know the level of interaction of your users with your Stories, when people have seen your content, how many have made some type of interaction with your publications, and other relevant data.This data is very useful to monitor the effectiveness of your content, the greater the interaction means that your audience likes and is interested in your content.
Highlights or featured storiesfeatured storiesStories are known to last only 24 hours. In this sense, one of the best ways to display your products and / or services without them disappearing after the established time is to save them as featured stories on your Instagram profileHighlights serve to segment your content and make it known in a more orderly way. You can organize your featured Instagram Stories based on the type of content, theme to which they belong or something that you want to highlight as particular within the brand.
For example, creating a highlight with the name of a hashtag that identifies your company and that you are looking to publicize is a good idea to advertise.

How to plan and schedule Instagram stories
Undoubtedly, using Instagram Stories correctly will bring many benefits to your brand. But, as in any content strategy, you must plan and schedule the content that you are going to share with your audience to obtain better results. Also, this will save you a lot of time and effort in implementing your strategy. Here are some things to keep in mind to plan and schedule your Instagram Stories:Divide into topics
Within any content strategy, it is advisable to divide your content by topics or sections. This will allow you to better organize your content and create a plan based on the type of content that you are going to create, the frequency with which each content will be published and the function that each of your pieces fulfills.
Design default templates
An excellent way to save time publishing your Stories is to have pre-designed templates for different types of publications or topics. You can do it using a mobile application or web page like Canva, which allows you to create templates with Stories measurements and add a series of stickers, images, colors, among others. Use apps to schedule your Stories
There are tools such as Later that allow users to schedule posts on Instagram Stories and schedule them. In this way, your page remains active in Stories and your users will always have news about your brand.Later allows you to schedule your Stories according to the date and time you choose, and when your Instagram Storie is published, a notification arrives on your cell phone. You can use this application for the function of programming a certain number of Instagram Stories paying from $ 7.5 per month.It is clear that using Instagram Stories in your content strategy is a great way to connect with your audience and increase the visibility of your brand. Now that you know how to get the most out of your Stories, there is no time to lose! It’s time to apply these tips to your company’s Instagram.

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