Interactive Eye Opening Bahrain Phone Number

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Interactive Eye Opening Bahrain Phone Number

The screen of the early center console Bahrain Phone Number only display some information of the radio, and most of the area was accommodating a lot of physical interaction buttons. These buttons basically rely on tactile interaction to realize human-computer communication. This kind of physical button should consider ergonomics. Use different tactile methods, such as pressing. Such as light touch, such as rotation. And use different tactile methods to divide the fix area. So that the driver can be familiar with it as much as possible. Blindly operate these interactive keys. Some of the commonly use buttons will be integrate into the multi-function. Steering wheel so that the driver can easily control it while driving. Then with the development of intelligent interaction and the emergence of the large central control screen. The Bahrain Phone Number physical interaction buttons began to gradually decrease. The central control large screen occupies an increasingly larger and more important position.

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Until the physical buttons on the Bahrain Phone Number center console are reduce to almost no level. At this time, the driver and occupants can no longer rely on touch to perform human-computer interaction (because the screen information is change, the buttons are also virtual, and the touch is the same. There Bahrain Phone Number is no feel at all), and this stage has gradually turn into visual interaction. People do not communicate with humans through touch. But mainly through vision. That is to say, you can no longer just touch but rely on the feel (tactile) to identify the physical buttons. It is to look (visual) to manipulate. The actual visual-base communication is in line. With the laws of human cognition.

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Bahrain Phone Number

According to a research report of human’s access to Bahrain Phone Number external information comes from vision. Others such as hearing 11%, smell 3.5%, touch 1.5%, and taste 1%. Design to know! -Detail explanation of vehicle human-computer interaction. However if the human-computer interaction of. The smart cockpit is purely base on vision. People will still experience a lot of inconvenience. Especially during driving, 90% of people’s visual. Attention must be devote to the observation of road conditions. And it is unlikely to put their eyes on the screen for a long time to interact with the Bahrain Phone Number smart cockpit. 2) Gesture interaction You think that Tesla Model S in 2021 usher. In the era of large car screens. In fact, in 1986, Buick, a brand of GM Group. Was equipp with the first touchable central control. Screen on the Riviera much earlier than Tesla.

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