Invest and Earn – Technical Analysis for Investors

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Invest and Earn – Technical Analysis for Investors

Some time ago a member known as Ricotype (Mariano Pantanetti) of the Community of Empresores.com ; published a message in which he requested some investors for the realization of an extremely interesting book that would be about Technical Analysis and would be called ” Investing and Winning “. This message created at the time on October 3, 2008 today became a reality and the book is now available to be purchased in various bookstores.Below I will tell you a little more about the book and I invite you not only to learn about it but also to enter the Community to read that message and learn how this new success of Empresores.com was born
Who is Mariano Pantanetti?

Beyond being an active member of the Community known as Ricotype; Mariano has made several talks and seminars in our Community demonstrating an excellent ability to teach and transmit information.
He works for banks both in advisory areas for investors and in commercial areas.
He has a degree in Marketing from the University of Business and Social Sciences (UCES) and a Master’s in Uganda Phone Number List Administration from the University of the Center for Macroeconomic Studies (UCEMA). He also works as a teacher at UCES and UP (University of Palermo) in matters related to business and financial aspects.
Finally, since 2003, he coordinates face-to-face and virtual courses on Forex and Actions for people from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, Spain and Colombia, among other countries.



Information about the book:” Invest to Win ” is about technical analysis for investors and touches on topics that include Forex; Commodities shares and much more. Below I copy the text that you can find on the back cover:
“ While this book is about to go to press,  gulf email list one of the deepest crises in world stock markets in decades is taking place on an international scale.
Many compare this crisis to the crash of 29, some believe that it is only a market correction and that soon everything will return to its normal course, and others, in turn, perceive the crisis as an opportunity.
I lean towards the latter, since if I thought that we were at the end doors, I would no longer keep writing these words, I would turn off my notebook and just walk away.
This book will take you to know and deepen the principles that govern the price of different assets, using a powerful tool, technical analysis.
This tool can help you both to win in the different stock markets, and (equally important) to control your exposure to risk.

The theory, always necessary, is accompanied by examples, anecdotes and graphics that will greatly help to understand the different topics and visualize them with ease.
You won’t find a magic formula in this book, but if you delve into its pages, it may surprise you. ”
For all those who wish to acquire this book, I would like to comment that the publisher in charge of it is Gran Aldea Editores ( www.granaldeaeditores.com.ar ) under the name “Invest to win” (Technical Analysis for Investors). You can already find them in bookstores in various parts of the country and from Financial Intelligence I wish Mariano a resounding success for this book .
For all those who want to know how it was gestating; I invite you to participate in the Empresores.com Community and see how this project was born and all of its “Godparents” who made it come to light.

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