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Currently there are many brands that are obsessed with increasing their followers. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are some of the most used to achieve this type of action but… if I have more followers does it mean that  hong kong mobile company my brand will be better? Followers Social NetworksIt is clear that everyone wants to be the most and be in the top ten but this social networks is not an audience contest. Getting a great popularity and having the more followers the better is the great aspiration of many since they are governed by the impressive numbers they show on their profiles. Logic would tell us that the more followers we have, the greater reach we will get, but this should not be the strategy when measuring results. The key that all brands should apply is the engagement factor.
What does it consist of? We could say that it is a set of elements where involvement, interaction and the emotional bond between brand and client are mixed . It refers to the type of relationship you have with users and its quality. Many may think that measuring this set of things can be complicated and what dozens of professionals do is reduce this engagement to the number of followers we talked about previously.
followers social network

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And of course these followers are important! But there are other factors to take into account such as the number of likes, the times your content has been shared, gulf email list  mentions, comments or impressions of images and videos. followers social networks How can I get this engagement? Now you have to worry about creating communities in order to reach groups of consumers who are really interested in your products. You have to generate conversations and respond quickly and efficiently to followers to maintain the interaction that all brands seek.
Do you think your company uses good engagement actions? Don’t be obsessed with large numbers of followers!More and more social platforms are joining the bandwagon of tags or hashtags , the set of characters preceded by a pound sign (#) that help us classify certain content by their theme .This useful tool has aroused the interest of many brands , which they have used to start debates, create contests, create communities and hold conversations on very specific topics related to their brands and their consumers.
Developing a hashtag may seem like an easy task, knowing that it should be short and simple. However, if you really want your label is clear , effective and not wake up confusions have to analyze it and work it with more complex and not so quick steps.
What can we do when we have used a hashtag for a certain time and a more powerful and popular one appears again? Do we adapt and change labels or do we continue with the one we originated ourselves? These are frequently asked questions that may arise when creating a new hashtag. For this, we have to develop a powerful concept and that is why we will use special instruments to be able to do it in the best possible wayThere are several tools that will help us create a good hashtag. We recommend some of the free ones so that you can use them at no cost, although there are also payment platforms with many more options and extra functions.


To begin with, the Hashtagify analytical platform allows you to search by hashtag, providing us with the tags that are most related to the hashtag you have previously searched for. It is a highly recommended tool because it gives us relevant information on topics strictly linked to our hashtag in addition to showing us the percentage of popularity . The higher this number is, the more popular is the hashtag we work with.For example, if we want to share Digital Marketing content , the best option to spread it according to Hashtagify is through the hashtag #MarketingDigital. This, if we compare it with the two other options (#MarketingOnline and # Marketing20), is the most popular, which is why more people use it, and therefore, it is the one that is most likely to be seen by Internet users Another very useful instrument is Topsy . With this useful analytical tool we can compare hashtags graphically and visually, dividing the information into periods of timeIn addition to making us comparative hashtags graphs, it is an excellent tool to measure the impact of online campaigns carried out on Twitter, and it has a search engine on tweets, photos, videos, links and influencers (well-positioned influencers with knowledge about a certain topic).
From Mediaclick , we will provide you with the best tools so that you can better manage your social networks and the online communication of your brands.

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