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The million dollar question… In our experience with SMEs from different sectors, the answer is “yes” , but with nuances. Nowadays, any well-managed community can achieve sales, the problem is that social networks, as a sales generator channel, is not efficient enough in relation to other online channels . In our experience, far more visits are needed to generate a conversion in social networks than in any other type of online greece phone action, such as a PPC (Pay per Click) campaign.Although social networks are not a direct generator of sales, it does not mean that we ignore their potential as a very important element in the purchase process of users of any product or serviceAccording to several recent studies, social networks are positioning themselves as a prescribing channel for consumption . In the graph you will see the latest surveys carried out where this role of social networks stands out:Nowadays, it already tells us that, yes, social networks participate in achieving a sale but not in a direct way like other online actions.

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But there is more. And in the future what will happen? ..I am not Nostradamus, but the truth is that in the not too distant future, the social interaction of users gulf email list  on different channels will determine the position of our website in search engines . Today Google is already testing the new algorithm where it is adding the importance of social networks, the semantic Web, content marketing, etc … and all these well-managed factors will be important when it comes to positioning ourselves correctly in search engines.Therefore, the need to be present on social networks to achieve sales is a reality that cannot be denied.And finally, my reflection “Sales and Social Networks”: Personally, this type of approach, whether social networks are sellers or not, makes me remember when the same approaches were made in relation to whether or not to have a website of your company and whether to have it. it would help to sell more … it is the same, now no one is wondering if the Web generates direct sales or not, do you remember? Well, in social networks I think the same will happen, these questions will no longer exist since the reality of the channel and the opportunities it provides to achieve different business goals are enormous.

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