Is the use of social networks recommended at work?

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Is the use of social networks recommended at work?


A dilemma that many companies face every day. The fact that social networks are part of our daily lives is undeniable, constituting a communication tool that we already consider vital. On the other hand, we cannot ignore that these channels can also distract us from our daily tasks, which is a waste of time and productivity.So, let’s see what the studies say.  Hungary Phone Number List According to VitalSmarts data , the balance is in favor of the use of social networks in the work environment, since they constitute a useful tool to improve relationships, both internally, and between the company and its audiences. Therefore, social networks have multiple advantages for the company:77% of workers turn to social networks to maintain contact with co-workers, or other professionals in the sector. This helps to create a favorable climate in the company, as well as to promote the professional development of employees.



61% admit that, thanks to social networks, the relationship in their work environment has improved. Their use is not only reduced to mere personal contact, but 32% use these channels for communications related to gulf email list  company projects, pooling of ideas, establishment of tasks and all kinds of topics related to the work activity itself. It is an agile, useful and effective productivity tool. For their part, 35% do admit that the use of these media has deteriorated their professional relationships in the company.
Given this approach, we find that companies are not really taking advantage of the potential of 2.0 channels. 48% of companies do nothing to encourage the use of social networks at work, and implement them within the daily activity, while 75% did not force specific training on proper use and use.
Therefore, companies should be aware of the need to properly regulate its use, and to promote its application, in an appropriate way, always betting on training and responsible use.
The VitalSmarts study indicates that employees duly trained in the integration of the social environment within the company’s activity are up to twice as likely to improve their integration in the company, and are 2.5 times more willing to appreciate the benefits. benefits of belonging to said organization.
Definitely, social networks at work do not have to be a distraction, but a productivity tool, which in turn favors the integration of the human team; which favors both the proper functioning of the company, as well as its human quality in the face of the gallery.


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