Karcher Bolivia and his advergaming Dakar Go

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Karcher Bolivia and his advergaming Dakar Go

Those who know me know that I am always complaining that in Bolivia not many brands are encouraged to do different things (Yes, I know, I  Belgium Phone Number List is often at an average, almost low level.Well, this time I’m happy because I found a brand that decided to do something new or different, and I really liked it.
I am referring to Karcher Bolivia (Which is written Kärcher Bolivia ) who decided to bet on Advergaming, that practice that consists of creating a game to promote a brand, product or company.
What did Karcher Bolivia do?
They created Dakar Go, a very interesting game concept that consists of registering on the website www.dakar-go.com with our Facebook account, and then asking our friends to help us overcome the stages of the Dakar to enter a contests for 3 different prizes.
Dakar Karcher Bolivia rulesOnce our friends help us, we are already in the contest and we only have to wait for the date of it.
Of course, beware that the award is an income for you and 3 friends to the Karcher washing center in the Dakar 2017.Karcher Bolivia Dakar Go 1What did I like about this Advergaming?

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In the first place, it is gulf email list a Bolivian development (Like the example I mentioned about Paceña) and that shows that there are companies with the mentality of doing new things, innovating and going out of the ordinary.
Secondly, it is a brand that has products such as vacuum cleaners, car washers, etc. One would expect the typical automotive sponsorship brands to cheer for this, but in this case Karcher Bolivia took the initiative. (And I must confess that I even liked his product tips during the game)
Finally, the idea is simple , simple, direct and not very intrusive. With only 4 friends, we can now complete the stages of the Dakar 2017. No more inviting 578 friends to win a point or something like that.
I really liked the experience so much that I decided to create this article to congratulate Karcher Bolivia and the team behind the game.

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