Key platforms and strategies to reach the gamer generation efficiently and innovatively

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Key platforms and strategies to reach the gamer generation efficiently and innovatively

The year 2020 marked a milestone in the consumption of gameplays, video game streams, e-sports competitions and video game apps on smartphones. Around this type of habits, a whole community of gamers users has been created that does not stop growing and that shows record levels of engagement . Twitch is the absolute leader in this dynamic environment, but it is not the only way to reach the gamer audience today. An x-ray of the gamer generation According to buy usa number The world of gaming Insight Report by GlobalWebIndex, four out of ten gamers are interested in watching e-sports competitions and one in three believes that the main reason they participate in streaming is to have fun with their friends. But, behind the adjective gamer, there is one of the most complex and heterogeneous internet communities that exist. For example, the GlobalWebIndex Gaming People report highlights some very different profiles within the gamer audience:Esporters : it is a mostly male audience that likes sports in general and eSports events in particular.
Social players : they are comfortable in the world of video games because it allows them to meet new people and improve their reputation or status.
Cloud gamer : use consoles connected to the cloud to play your favorite video games.
Users who play only with the Smartphone : unlike the other three profiles, they are mostly women, they are interested in cosmetic and beauty products, and they use social networks to follow celebrities and personalities they admire.There is a type of gamers who only use their mobile to play

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3 strategies to reach the gamer public in the online environment
We point out three key ways to reach the gamer public with different platforms and tactics:  gulf email list  Advertising on Twitch through the platform itself or through Amazon DSP
According to data cited in this ReasonWhy article , 18.7 billion hours are those that users spent on Twitch globally last year, making it the platform of choice for many brands to reach the gamer audience due to the enormous reach it has in this audience segment.
Twitch has its own advertising platform where brands can launch campaigns directly. In this case, the platform sets a minimum investment of 10,000 euros and it is a service managed directly by Twitch. The reports results Ads Twitch are issued weekly .

But, on the other hand, it is also possible to launch campaigns on Twitch through the Amazon DSP programmatic advertising platform . In this case, each brand can manage their campaigns independently , there is no established minimum investment and, in addition, the selection of audiences on Twitch is reinforced because it is located within the Amazon advertising ecosystem. Advertising in video game apps
Gaming fans not only watch the broadcasts of their favorite streamers, but also play the games themselves. And a lot . According to data from Statista , globally, gaming users spend 8 hours and 45 minutes a week playing video games and the most popular device is, without a doubt, the smartphone .
As a result, gaming apps account for a significant portion of programmatic ad network placements . One of the main types of inventory that is managed from Google Ads are precisely mobile apps and many of which are games. On the other hand, game apps also play an important role in the Facebook Audience Network .. In-Gaming Advertising
The scenario in which the video games themselves are developed is in itself a very effective advertising site to impact gamers. Hence the growing interest that brands have in advertising in the video game environment .
In this sense, platforms such as InMobi Exchange gather quality inventory in games that can be accessed through a programmatic advertising system. For example, brands can be advertised on the posters of an eSports stadium or in other environments within video games. In this way, it is possible to reach the gamer public who plays and who is a viewer of the streaming broadcast .
With Amazon Advertising you can advertise on Twitch
The gamer audience, a community in full evolution
Advertising linked to the world of video games is experiencing a period of splendor and the data backs this up. There are already 3 billion gamers globally in smartphones alone in 2021. This has increased the interest of brands to reach these new audiences through different platforms and strategies.

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