Keys and content marketing trends for 2014

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Keys and content marketing trends for 2014

Content is king, and his reign will continue to extend into 2014. A period in which he must improve and professionalize, in order to be worthy of his position. In order to know the premises that it must fulfill to maintain its hegemony in this coming year, Business2Community has collected the opinion of relevant experts in the field.Here are some of these predictions and trends that will shape content macedonia phone number in 2014:
The content has to gain even more in quality. Gone was filling pages with empty words of ideas and creativity, which contributed little or nothing to users. The power of the image is imposed as a basic ingredient to attract the user, especially in the case of video, a type of content that is increasingly in demand. (Joseph McKeating, founder of Pulsar Strategy)The creation of content must be professionalized, by the hand of expert creators, who generate well-documented, extensive and truly complete pieces. Users are increasingly demanding, they are especially looking for this type of content and have learned to value it. Thus, these sources of professional content have become reference channels, where users come in search of answers to their needs. Such is the case of Moz (Frank Strong, Communication Director of LexisNexis)The challenge is to deliver the right content at the right time. Apply RTB techniques to be able to offer the customer the answer to their needs just when they are looking for it. Thus, we have large brands such as L’Oreal or Red Bull strive to generate quality content that manages to impact the target audience and remains in the memory. (Sloan Gaon, CEO of PulsePoint and Derek Merdinyan, Founder of VideoIgniter.com). On the other hand, segmentation will help to optimize the content strategy , and direct the message to a specific audience (Lori Feldman, President of La Diva Database)
2014 will be the year of the video. The facilities when it comes to producing quality video at a good price encourage the proliferation of good pieces, with which users enjoy sharing through their social platforms. Likewise, we will witness the proliferation of video blogs and audiovisual pieces of short duration, but characterized by an explosion of creativity (Michael Pastor, President / CEO of The Shepherd Group, Inc). On the other hand, Facebook will soon integrate the video into its ads, and the rest of the social networks will soon do so (Adi Bittan, Co-founder and CEO of OwnerListens.com)


The content must have a specific objective, in this way the company will be able to appreciate the fruit of its work.In addition to generating notoriety about the brand in the first instance, or turning it into a reference medium, gulf email list each piece has to fulfill a function. Thus, users demand different information in each phase of the purchase process. If the company is able to identify these needs, it can lead the customer through the entire cycle and finally get them to convert. Hence the need to study the possible doubts of the client, and offer them pieces of content that solve these unknowns and reinforce their decision to buy. (Steve Susina, Marketing Director of Lyons Consulting Group). These same attributes apply to B2B companies, who have to transmit trust and foster relationships with their audience. The generation of useful and quality content can contribute positively to this. (Alessandra Ceresa,Google’s authorship is one step away from finally being implemented. The search engine search engine wants to know who the author of the content is, these are attributes that confer authenticity and credibility, values ‚Äč‚Äčassociated with the brand that issues said content. It is a differential value, which will contribute to grant greater value and influence capacity to some creators over others, and, therefore, to the brands they represent. (Sara Flick, Director of Content Strategy and PR for ZOG digital).
Finally, the results of the content strategy will begin to be measured. Analytics is essential in any online marketing strategy. It helps to optimize resources and orient the strategy based on market trends, in order to maximize results. ( Wayne Liew, Founder of Sprout Geek) Thanks to analytics tools, it is possible to know in real time the impact of each action, each piece of content, and thus know the engagement, referral traffic, and generated conversions. (Marc Landsberg, CEO and founder of SocialDeviant).

Content marketing will gain weight within the overall marketing strategy. Not surprisingly, it is the main food of social networks, the main incentive that brings users to our website. On the other hand, each medium requires a different type of content; thus, companies must allocate more resources to adapt their creations to each social platform, as well as to mobile devices. (Carly Fauth, Director of Marketing and Outreach at Money Crashers). Content is becoming more and more social, an activity that is linked to its consumption via mobile. Therefore, the creations must be adapted to these media, and facilitate viralization through 2.0 channels (Alex Boyce, Strategy Director at Woven Digital).Content marketing needs a strategy more than ever. Each of your actions must have a complete purpose, be designed to meet a goal. Always taking into account its social component, its ability to guide and train the customer and try to go further, offering experiences to customers, facilitating their relationship with the brand, and generating engagement. It is important to foster this emotional connection, contribute something more than the rest, and link these positive sensations to the brand (Ian Fitzpatrick, Chief Strategy Officer at Almighty, Andrew Caravella, Vice President of Marketing at Sprout Social, Angela Shugarts, Communication Strategy at Frankly Communications). Therefore, the content ceases to be a filler element to become the axis of the company’s online marketing strategy, the way to reach the customer, offer them something different, that catches their attention, is useful, want to own it and interact with it, and act for the benefit of the brand. All this within the process of knowing the brand or its product, and even within the conversion funnel itself. For this, brands have at their disposal great tools, which allow them to generate quality content, disseminate it and measure its impact.


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