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Panoramic videos are now available to everyone! For all those who still do not know what 360  hong kong phone number list videos are, they are spherical videos that record a real scene in all directions at the same time. It is a very good way to make the viewer interact with your multimedia content, since they can control any direction of the viewing through their computer or mobile device.You just have to have a camera suitable for this type of recording (Ricoh Theta, Kodak SP360, IC Real Tech Allie, etc.), capture the video, mount it and edit it, and you will have the file almost ready to upload it to YouTube.
If your video does not have 360 ​​playback enabled (you cannot view it on the computer) you must enable 360 ​​view. You can do this by including the metadata related to the panoramic viewhe steps are the following:Download the 360 ​​Video Metadata application for Mac or Windows
Unzip the file and run the application.Select the video file you want to upload to Youtube Open file.
Click on the ‘Spherical’ box and click on “Save As”.Select spherical
Save the file with an identifying name in the same location as the original file.
Upload the video on Youtube and go! 🙂 upload 360 video to Youtube
Remember that in order to play panoramic videos correctly you must view them through Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera browsers.

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is an App that consists of broadcasting on video to your followers what is happening live gulf email list  and vice versa . During the broadcasts, users can comment in real time with other users what they are watching, something very interesting for brands that want to use it. In March 2015, when the App was still in beta, Twitter bought Periscope for no less than $ 100 million, which gave it enough autonomy to continue with the project. With this, Periscope is positioned in an App linked to twitter with which to have access, you need a twitter account.And now the million dollar question… How can I use Periscope as a marketing tool?
There are still many doors open to creativity from different agencies and brands due to the novelty of the application, but there are brands that have already launched into streaming video . Here are some examples.ANTENNA 3Antena 3 was one of the first television networks to use this App. In their publications they showed the backstage in which they conducted live interviews with their presenters, being able to answer the questions of their users in real time. A good way to retain your fans.
DKNYIn the case of DKNY, the fashion brand used Periscope to broadcast to its followers part of its wardrobe with its fabrics and clothes. One more way to enter the world of DKNY.
ADIDASAnd finally, Adidas used the video platform so that its followers could see the signing of the contract of Real Madrid player James Rodríguez. A highly anticipated signing in the world of football.
There are many ways that Periscope could be used profitably but the main strategy could be:Concentrate your followers on an important moment for the brand such as the presentation of a new product or event and with this have your audience interacting with you in real time.
Thanks to this, you will also be able to “control” the schedules of the users since it will be a period of time in which you will know that they will be connected and attentive to you, and to the different actions you take.
There is still much to see and learn with Periscope but what we cannot doubt is the number of doors that this tool opens. From Mediaclick , we recommend that you take a look to see what you think and what utilities you can get out of this innovative application.

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