Know your client: the empathy map.

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Know your client: the empathy map.

The beginning of any list of names and phone numbers strategy or business idea always starts from the knowledge of your potential client. Knowing his needs, his problems and concerns will allow you to know the best way to approach him and offer your products or services successfully. Making a suitable empathy map of your client is a perfect weapon to deepen your knowledge of your typical client.Put yourself in the shoes of your client
Starting a marketing plan without knowing your customer in depth is the best way to achieve spectacular failure. Knowing how to make the image of your Buyer persona is the first step to discover both the strategies to reach your client and to define your message well.
The empathy map is the perfect document to clarify everything you need to know about your client. It’s not just about knowing their statistical data, the empathy map, as its name suggests, involves putting yourself in their shoes and putting yourself in their shoes.
This will allow you to fully understand what they are concerned about and what they are looking for so that your product fits into the life cycle of your customer.

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How to make an empathy map
The empathy map was a creation of the company Xplane, it is a document that collects gulf email list the main data of your Buyer Persona and facilitates its segmentation and deep knowledge. To make the empathy map you should follow a process in seven steps:

Do a study of your typical client. It is about collecting the most representative features of your typical client in a general way. Your gender, your age range, purchasing power, hobbies, etc.
What your client sees. Look at their visual stimuli, what your client sees: YouTube videos or television shows, types of images, etc. In short, the visual aspects that are most often fixed.
What your client says. What topics you usually talk about or which you like to discuss
What your client hears. Focus on his ear, who likes to hear the messages from: political, social or cultural.
What your client feels and thinks. Find out what ideas he has and what subjects he dedicates most of your thoughts. What worries you or your future aspirations.
What hurts your client. What worries you most on a daily basis, what scares you or what you want, but have not yet achieved.What you need, your goals. In this last part you have to focus on what you most want to achieve and your most pressing needs.The Empathy Map ChartThe empathy map must be represented graphically. It has to allow you to locate your client quickly and have an intuitive image of all the phases.In this graph your customer always appears in the center. Surrounding the image of your client include the aspects of the previous point with the information that you have collected from him.The objective of this graph is that you quickly visualize what role what you offer can play in the life of your client. The way to include your product or service in his life and explain it to him clearly through the appropriate strategies.

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