Labelium collaborates with Google on a new initiative to promote employability

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Labelium collaborates with Google on a new initiative to promote employability

To improve the digital skills of workers, Google has launched 5,000 online training scholarships uk mobile phone database aimed at those professionals who are suffering the most from the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their jobs. The training scholarships will be managed in collaboration with the Fundae (State Foundation for Employment Training), the SEPE (State Public Employment Service) and other local NGOs, and have the support of agencies and consultants specialized in the technology sector and digital, including Labelium .
The goals of the Google Professional Certificates program
The accelerated digitization that companies are experiencing as a result of COVID-19 occurs in parallel with the fall in employment in the sectors most affected by the pandemic due to the uncertainty that has been generated in the last year . This is in addition to the fact that, according to a study commissioned by Google and carried out by McKinsey , it is estimated that by 2030 some 6 million professionals with digital skills will be needed in Europe .In this context, tools such as Google Professional Certificates are of great help to improve the employability of workers and to facilitate the learning of new digital skills. The beneficiaries of the 5,000 new scholarships announced will be able to choose different online courses such as the Information Technology Support , Project Management , Data Analysis or User Experience Design certificate .To take these courses it is not necessary to have previous training or experience in each of the subjects and students will be able to learn at their own pace using their own computer or smartphone. The final objective is that unemployed people or in a situation of exclusion or vulnerability can acquire new skills that reinforce their professional profile and allow them to access new types of jobs .
Labelium’s collaboration with the Google program
According to data from Coursera , the platform where the courses are located, for 82% of the students who have obtained one of these certificates in the United States it has been a boost for their professional career , whether to find a new job, improve their conditions work or start your own business.

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And it is that Google is not the only one that guarantees the usefulness of the acquired skills, but the main agencies and consultants in our country gulf email list endorse the quality of the Professional Certificates with their support . Labelium is one of those that has shown interest in the program and has started a collaboration with Google.In this way, Labelium is open to receive the candidature of the participants who achieve their Google Professional Certificate when there are job vacancies or spontaneously through the corporate website or the company profile in Welcome to the Jungle .
Labelium collaborates with Google in its new initiative to help workers
Labelium promotes digital and solidarity transformation
Already in the pre-covid-19 period, digital transformation was advancing unstoppably in companies and users, but the new normal has made it a basic tool to connect with an audience that has hidden behind the screen of their devices .
The digitization driven by COVID-19 is not restricted to the most recognized or important brands, but is affecting consumption habits in key sectors such as retail , the way companies operate , entertainment and, of course , to the labor market . Programs like this seek to reduce the digital divide that the pandemic has created in companies and workers.
At Labelium we have been working for years on the digital transformation of all types of brands and companies, but we understand that there are sectors that are adapting to forced marches and it is not easy . For this reason, we always try to do our bit by participating in solidarity initiatives such as this collaboration with Google or with the work we do hand in hand with the Unoentrecienmil Foundation .
Undoubtedly, the road that remains to be covered in digital transformation is always easier if you have a well-seasoned Sherpa in the management of digital advertising, online positioning or data analytics or Data Science , complex and fascinating areas in equal parts.

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