Labelium collaborates with the Unoentrecienmil Foundation against childhood leukemia

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Labelium collaborates with the Unoentrecienmil Foundation against childhood leukemia

Throughout 2020, from Labelium Group we have been closely following the accelerated digitization of our society and the changes that it entails for companies and advertising platforms. But, in the midst of all those years that  what is a uk mobile number we have lived packed in weeks, from Labelium we have continued to collaborate with solidarity causes such as the one promoted by the Unoentrecienmil Foundation . Because, although the pandemic forces us to separate physically, digital tools provide us with a unique opportunity to get closer to those who need it most.Labelium helps improve the online visibility of Fundación Unoentrecienmil
It is well known that online advertising is a very effective weapon to conquer new audiences and achieve business objectives. This is due to the dynamism of its digital ecosystem, which attracts increasing budgets from advertisers in the face of growing online competition. But what about non-profit organizations with limited resources? How to gain a foothold in the midst of so much media noise ? In this case, both platforms and agencies come together so that NGOs manage to convey their campaigns to the audience.

Logo of the Unoentrecienmil Foundation
The Unoentrecienmil Foundation has been raising funds for more than eight years to support research against childhood leukemia through the implementation of various projects. With face-to-face events low , for NGOs like Unoentrecienmil online visibility becomes crucial to attract donations and new collaborators in times of pandemic. For all these reasons, the Unoentrecienmil Foundation is part of the Google Ad Grants program , which altruistically provides funds in Google Ads to NGOs. Thus, non-profit organizations can make themselves known online by ranking in the top Google search results with ads. This program not only continued to operate despite COVID-19, but Google also made available to NGOs a series of resources to help them manage their Ad Grants account .

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It is in this context that the collaboration between Fundación Unoentrecienmil and Labelium arises . Why not apply our expertise to promote the digital speaker of a  gulf email list  solidarity cause? Google Ad Grants accounts share the basis of their operation with those of Google Ads, although they do operate with some restrictions and there are small differences in the handling of matches, for example. In any case, the team of our colleague Marcos did not hesitate to get down to work :
We started to carry out this project in May with great enthusiasm. At Labelium, we apply the same vision that we use with our clients: the objective is to make the most of the investment available in Google Ads to attract new partners and donations and to improve the branding of Unoentrecienmil. People should know what this NGO is doing to fight childhood leukemia . Personally, I am very fond of this account. It is our way of contributing to projects that save lives The objective of the Unoentrecienmil Foundation is to be able to finance scientific research to improve treatments aimed at curing childhood leukemia, the most common type of cancer in children . Each year, Unoentrecienmil awards a Research Grant with a minimum duration of two years to scientists specialized in fighting this disease. Since 2012, this NGO has supported 130 researchers with € 2,613,000 in funds for projects that seek to end childhood leukemia.
To achieve this, Unoentrecienmil has various initiatives that seek to raise awareness in society. In addition to attracting partners and donations, there are campaigns such as the Golden Masks , the Golden Cords , the Back to School against Childhood Leukemia , the portal with resources for parents My Little One Has Cancer or the Corre Project . Labelium participated in this last solidarity challenge and we toured Spain walking, running, cycling or swimming. Together we did more than 1,100 kilometers! This resulted in a collection of € 1,140 that we donated to the Unoentrecienmil Foundation.
Labelium participated in the Corre Project, a solidarity challenge of the Unoentrecienmil Foundation
Labelium, committed to society
COVID-19 has dominated the news at all levels in 2020. It has changed our way of working, relating and understanding the world, but it has also shown the importance of health above all else. This complicated year has also changed the way of participating in solidarity causes but, at Labelium, we continue to be involved in improving the society in which we live, because there are as many reasons to collaborate as there are NGOs . And you, how are you bringing out your most supportive side?

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