Learn at last what Ambient Marketing is and how it is used

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Learn at last what Ambient Marketing is and how it is used


There, where you always stopped to wait for the bus, there is something different.You approach and you find thiswhat is ambient marketing
Source: RoastbriefWould it catch your attention? Of course, to anyone.Well, then you have fallen under the hypnotic effects of Ambient Marketing.
And that is the topic that we are going to see today on the blog.What is Ambient Marketing?
Ambient Marketing is one of the advertising strategies found within the well-known BTL campaigns . Basically it is about using elements of the environment or environment of consumers, to create attractive advertising messages.
When I refer to public spaces, I speak of all kinds of objects, from the street, to benches, vehicles, trees or even inside vehicles (Ex .: buses)
The purpose of Ambient Marketing is precisely to break with the usual.The #AmbientMarketing uses the environment, integrating itself into the urban space to spread the message.CLICK TO TWEET
In this way, people accustomed to moving through a familiar environment, suddenly notice something different, which catches their attention and that is where the advertising message is hooked.

What are the objectives of doing Ambient Marketing?
Draw attentionFrom my point of view, the main objective is to get people’s attention, changing something in their environment.To interactObviously also, depending on the type of campaign, you may want people to interact in some way with the advertising element.
Avoid saturationA company that decides to do an Ambient Marketing action is a company that is looking to get out of those traditional media that are already saturated.
The good thing about doing this is that we can really reach the customer, in a space that, unlike what many brands do, is not so saturated.
How to do an Ambient China Phone Number List action? What stages does it have?
There really is no detailed and meticulous process to do an Ambient Marketing campaign, however, there are some elements to take into account to be able to carry out a good Ambient Marketing campaign.
Understand your difference with Street Marketing
I confess, until a long time ago I also confused both concepts.

Street Marketing refers to the decline of marketing campaigns of traditional media such as billboards, television, etc. but to the urban environment using somewhat intrusive strategies since they break into people’s livesActions such as flash mobs or dance marketing that many of us have seen, such as the famous Tic Tac case in FranceReinvent everyday items
Part of the essence of Ambient Marketing is taking everyday elements in people’s lives and reinventing them to give them that advertising touch.
It is for this reason that it should be done in a way that is eye-catching, does not feel intrusive, and has an excellent level of creativity.It must make an impact
My third tip in this regard is that it really be something shocking.If it is going to be something simple, that people will pass by, then the campaign will not be effective.
On the contrary, it will be a disaster.Define what we want to communicate
Finally, it is important to understand what we are going to communicate.
As in Ambient Marketing usually the chosen object or environment will be part of the message, we cannot afford to make very extensive explanations.
On the contrary, the simpler, but direct, the better.
A clear example of this is the Duracell battery campaign in which they used a simple sticker at the foot of some escalators.
It goes without saying that the message was that these stairs worked and did not stop (they last longer) thanks to Duracell.

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15 examples of Street Marketing 11 mclanfranconi
What are the benefits of Ambient Marketing?
There are 3 very gulf email list  important benefits to making the decision to run an Ambient Marketing campaign:Draw attentioDue to its way of being, this type of advertising action is striking.
I even dare to say that with a very limited budget, something impressive can be done.You do not believe me?Look at this example of Toblerone using a parking spacewhat is Ambient Marketing example toblerone (1)
Puts the brand in the consumer’s life
Unlike, for example, Product Placement that suddenly puts a brand in the middle of a movie, series or television program, with Ambient Marketing the brand takes on a more everyday role.It appears as part of the environment and it is for this reason that it can even generate interest or sympathy for the action.It can generate a lot of virality
It is simple. If a person comes across something striking, that they like or that really intrigues them, they may end up interacting and even viralizing the campaign.
Or would you not like to take a photo of yourself with that building in the background and share it with all your contacts?
what is ambient marketing example coops paints (1)
Source: www.closemarketing.es
Mariano Do you have more examples of Ambient Marketing?
Yes of course. Unavoidable in an article on this topic.I leave you a spectacular video created by the people of PuroMarketing.com about examples of Ambient Marketing campaigns
I hope you liked this article about what Ambient Marketing is and that you really take advantage of this great marketing technique.If you liked this article, I invite you to know the 30 types of marketing that exist explained one by one !!!

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