Let’s talk about customer service – By Carlos Meneses

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Let’s talk about customer service – By Carlos Meneses

As many readers know, every so often I invite someone to my blog to write an article on topics of interest. Today I am pleased to have Carlos Meneses.
Carlos is currently the regional head of the Portugal Phone Number List unit of the Bolivian Catholic University “San Pablo” and we are talking about a topic that really becomes more relevant every day: customer service.
Let’s talk about customer service, by Carlos Meneses #RTCLICK TO TWEET
So a big digital applause for Carlos, and we hope the topic is to your liking.
I’m sure that more than once you came across salespeople or customer service personnel who, instead of helping you, simply broke your patience and you finally ran out of buying what you needed or did not answer your questions.

Phrases like do not touch the clothes! You can measure it, but if you are going to buy me! “… I don’t know if there is the size you are looking for …”, … mmm the owner is not there and I do not know if there is one What are you looking for ” , or simply wait a long time on the phone line – with a melody that sometimes seems terrifying -, find yourself with long lines, unanswered emails and even web page addresses that no longer exist or are “ under construction ”, this and much more is what unfortunately as clients we live day by day.Although we have a wide range of courses on customer service and most companies work with strategies focused on the “customer” or the “market”, still in our country the idiosyncrasies of our customer service staff and managers of Sale makes them act as if they were doing a favor to the buyer or user of the service, when they do not realize that the customer is the one who does the favor of buying their product or service in a sea of ​​demand.[quote_left] In most cases, the problem is structural, internal and external aspects are the culprits ut I do not want to blame only the personnel who are dedicated to this task, but in most cases, the problem is structural, internal and external aspects are to blame … of course, who did not have a bad day , problems at home, the tire had a flat tire or was simply delayed when arriving at work … but unfortunately it also comes from the lack of human resources departments and even worse, from the general management or directorates; there is a total lack of work motivation and investment in the training of the personnel assigned to this area.



However, in these two weeks I had 3 specific encounters with good customer service. And yes, when you do something well you have to mention it (and this is the famous referral, referral marketing or word of mouth marketing that is worth more than large and expensive advertising gulf email list campaigns, a topic that I will touch on in another article).The first was when I was monitoring my campaign in Google Ads, I entered a help link that came to my email and I saw that they offered me a live chat, as many of these spaces never give an answer, I was tempted not to write anything and find the solution on my own, after a few minutes of not being able to find what I was looking for, because I crossed my fingers and dared to make the query …Great was my surprise! When they saw that the response was immediate, and not only that, they told me that if I could have a conversation on the phone they could give me some advice on how to improve my campaign. In less than an hour I was able to clarify my doubts, improve my campaign, learn more and get a very good impression of the Google Adwords Customer Service On the second occasion, the turn was Facebook Ads, the treatment was similar to the previous experience, and finally.


ust out of curiosity, I did the test of this type of service with a local cell phone company, this on a Friday almost at eleven o’clock at night, they attended the live chat, not as cordially as in the two previous meetings, but, for At least they gave me the answer I expected, this undoubtedly gave me hope that things can improve and in fact have to change if the Management or Direction of the companies realize that there is no greater truth that the products and services are BY and FOR THE CUSTOMER.
Finally, I would like to leave you some advice from different stages and actors:
If you are a CUSTOMER , and you are a victim of bad service, DO NOT stay silent, for something you are paying for the service and I do not want to say “that the customer is always right” -because sometimes they are not- but remember that! They are not doing you a favor! You are the reason for the company’s existence.
If you are in the SALES AND / OR CUSTOMER SERVICE area, be empathetic! Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, give yourself the time to resolve any questions they may have, make them fall in love -in the good sense of the word- so they don’t It is the last time he visits you, help him to be a satisfied customer.
If you are a COMPANY , don’t you think training for your staff is a good investment? Improve your internal relationships. How do you want your employees to treat customers, if you treat them badly? can provide excellent service.
I want to leave you a video that I found about bad service. If you are interested in a specific topic or had any experience related to the topic, write to us, leave us a comment or a post on our social networks.

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