LinkedIn reveals the latest trends in recruiting

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LinkedIn reveals the latest trends in recruiting

The corporate image is one of the most important assets for companies when it comes to acquiring the best talentLinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, with more than 259 million users globally and more than  morocco telephone directory million in Spain, recently presented its 3rd annual survey on international trends in recruitment. The objective is to show the trends in hiring of personnel at an international level as well as the priorities of the companies for the next year. 3,300 professionals responsible for hiring companies of all areas and characteristics, around the world, participate in this study.At the international level, the priorities of the companies go first of all through the search for candidates with a high level of qualification and to improve the quality of the selection process. Less important is the improvement in candidate search techniques, the corporate image of the hiring company and the management of a database of candidates.
The main trends in Spain for personnel selection are five:


Use of professional social networks, which increasingly influence the quality of hiring. In Spain, about 60% of those surveyed think that these are a very relevant factor and that they will definitely influence long-term hiring.The corporate image of the contracting company has become both a threat and a competitive advantage. In fact, 78% believe that corporate image has a significant influence on the ability to hire the best talent. That is why it is very important that companies take care of their corporate image. Professional social networks have become a great corporate image showcase for companies
The management of the data allows to make better decisions about hiring and corporate image. In fact, in Spain a third of those surveyed regularly evaluate their corporate image in a quantifiable way, both qualitatively and quantitatively.
Internal hiring is an increasingly popular practice in order to retain the best employees. Internationally, the best companies prioritize internal hiring and support employees who want to progress within the company. In Spain, 90% of companies invest in this practice the same or even more than in previous years.
Companies have observed that recruiting through mobile technology opens up a new world of possibilities for HR personnel, however, the study data shows that at the moment, most companies do not invest enough in recruiting through mobile technology, although this is a trend that is changing.

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