Linkedin stories and Twitter Fleets

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Linkedin stories and Twitter Fleets

They are the most recent social networks to incorporate the story services Linkedin stories and Twitter Fleets into their platforms. Since its birth with Snapchat, stories have stood out as one of the most successful digital content among Internet users.
In the last decade, the most important and used social networks in the world have updated their applications in order to offer the best experience to their users. china phone number Among the most relevant trends among the public is the creation of stories.A very successful and attractive type of content for fans of social networks, since this format allows the incorporation of different elements such as text, images, sounds, GIF, etc. Given the incredible popularity that this service has experienced on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, Linkedin stories and Twitter Fleets have been developed.In general terms, a story is content that is characterized, first of all, by its limited availability. This means that after a certain period (24 hours) the stories are automatically deleted by the application.

Second, stories have been defined as content content. The great diversity of formats that the stories support have managed to capture the attention of the public and entertain millions of people around the world.
Of course, each application and social network has developed functions that allow the creation of stories with certain differences and particularities. Despite its small delay, the public has the opportunity of Linkedin stories and Twitter Fleets.MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF LINKEDIN STORIES
hroughout the year 2020, Linkedin stories have undergone a testing process in various countries around the world such as Brazil, the Netherlands, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. Spain has been one of the countries where users already have the possibility of knowing the new function of Linkedin.
A service that according to Pete Davis, Senior Director of Product Management at Linkedin, will allow greater dynamism in conversations on the social network. It is necessary to remember that Linkedin is a platform specially created with professional objectives and that it is used by many as a channel to find job opportunities. Therefore, Linkedin stories seek to offer a much fresher and closer experience among the users of the platform.WHAT DO LINKEDIN STORIES OFFER?
Through Linkedin Stories, users have the opportunity to share their professional knowledge, skills or abilities, in a creative and attractive way to the public. It should be remembered that stories not only use images as the main content, but also allow the creation of fully personalized videos.
Also, through Linkedin stories there is the possibility of publishing popular question and answer stories. A strategy that allows users (individuals, freelancers or companies) to interact at a closer level with their followers.

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Twitter Fleets are story content totally similar to the format used by Instagram. The stories are located at the top of the platform, they are available for 24  gulf email list hours and the public has the possibility to interact with them through private messages and emojis.
Although Twitter Fleets support different types of content simultaneously, such as GIFs, images, videos, texts, the customization options are a bit more limited. Compared to other social networks, Twitter stories are much simpler and neater, as is customary in this social network.
Of course, it is an important update that responds to the most successful trends in the Social Media sector. It is also an interesting opportunity to improve the user experience and strengthen the levels of interaction.
Twitter has been in charge of designing its own story format with certain elements that differentiate Twitter Fleets from other stories. For example, to view all the stories of a particular user you must scroll the images vertically.
Similarly, to go to the stories published by another user, the scroll is kept horizontally to the left. These are small changes that users can discover when they start using the new story content from Linkedin stories and Twitter Fleets.

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