Mailify guide: creating an abandoned cart email marketing scenario

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Mailify guide: creating an abandoned cart email marketing scenario

Having an abandoned cart in your e-commerce is something totally normal, no matter the sector or the type of products you have, the statistics show that between 50 and 70% of users who start an online purchase do not finish it.But don’t be alarmed, all is not lost, this is a potential sales opportunity where you must implement an appropriate email Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List  strategy to recover an abandoned cart.
There are several reasons why visitors to your website abandon their shopping cart, here we make a list that will help you identify your shortcomings:
Shipping costs are expensive
The site asks to create an account to buy
Payment processes are very long and complex
There are malfunctions on the website
There are few payment options
Website navigation is very slow

It is important that you analyze these failures and solve them if it is the case, they are essential points that will help you optimize your sales and reduce the percentage of abandoned carts. Likewise, it is necessary that you have a strategy for the recovery of abandoned cart because although you can reduce the percentage they will not disappear completely.Recommended reading: The 10 challenges of creating an ecommerce in Bolivia
How to activate an abandoned cart email marketing scenario with Mailify
On the home page, click the Create a campaign button . Then select the Automatic Campaign option .
Abandoned Cart – Mailify Guide (1)
Give your campaign a name and then select the Abandoned cart trigger .
Abandoned Cart – Mailify Guide (2)Abandoned Cart – Mailify Guide (3)
The next thing is to configure the parameters of your scenario , so choose the store where abandonments will be detected, for this you have to have your store linked to Mailify, if not make sure to do it before and if you have any questions contact the team of advice from Mailify.



Select the unsubscribe list for your campaign in this way, these contacts will be automatically excluded from your shipments and click on validate (green button).
Abandoned Cart – Mailify Guide (4)
Now you will see the  gulf email list activator screen where you must click Add a message, then the interface will come up with the option to assign a name and choose the waiting period .

Choose the EmailBuilder / Templates option where you can use a fully customizable abandoned cart recovery preconfigured template. Also, you have the option to create your message from scratch and create it completely to your liking.Abandoned Cart – Mailify Guide (7)
Being inside the Mailify Email Builder content editor you will find on the right side of the screen different styles of blocks, types of content to add (image, text, video, cart) and all the options regarding the appearance of your design (colors of background, font sizes).
Abandoned Cart – Mailify Guide (8)
The next thing is to define how the cart will appear in your email. To do this, click on the parameters of the cart block you can configure the number of items, the title and description of the product, the colors, the link, the price, among others. The changes will apply to all product lines added in your message.
Abandoned Cart – Mailify Guide (9)
When you have the finished message, click on validate, then the automatic campaign creation interface will open where you can create a sequence of emails based on the recipient’s behavior.
Abandoned Cart – Mailify Guide (10)
It is done! Once the sequences have been configured, the next thing to do is to activate the scenario.
How you can see the creation of automatic abandoned cart campaigns are very intuitive to do with the email marketing tool. Such a message can help you salvage a sale that you thought was lost. Remember to make your email very attractive and clear, a good advice is to include messages that appeal to emotion.
If after this explanation you still have some doubts, we invite you to consult our video tutorial where we show step by step how to do it.

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