Menstruation in emojis for WhatsApp, exaggerated request or the beginning of a new communication dynamic?

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Menstruation in emojis for WhatsApp, exaggerated request or the beginning of a new communication dynamic?

It is no secret to anyone that emojis have become an important reference within the instantaneous communication dynamics that are now the rule among users. Although the origin of emoji dates back to the 1990s in Japan, their popularity did not grow until after the appearance of smartphones, devices that were accompanied by countless social interaction applications that rewarded immediacy. Since then, the language of emojis has been Lithuania Mobile Database adopted by various brands and other organizations to connect with audiences that are characterized by being visual, a fact that was alien to the Australian NGO Plan Internacional, they organize that it intends for WhatsApp to include emojis that refer to menstruation so that women can express this natural condition without complexes and with just one click. The non-governmental organization, dedicated to promoting the rights of children around the world, has started a campaign on Twitter under the hashtag #periodemoji through which it invites users to vote among five different emojis to determine which is the best for represent the period of women.Lithuania Mobile Database

According to the Mashable report, Susanne Legena , deputy director general of the NGO, stated that “despite the fact that at least 800 million women and girls between the ages of 15 and 49 are menstruating at this time, there is no a single emoji to represent it. Isn’t it ridiculous that there is an emoji of a leprechaun with a long nose and another from a floppy disk, but not from period? After the vote, the winning emoji will be proposed to the Unicode Consortium , the body that decides which are the emojis that should be integrated into the messaging apps in the next updates, so the International Plan Brother Cell Phone List proposal will not only reach WhatsApp, but be extended to other similar platforms. What this example brings to the table is the prominence that emojis have in the lives of consumers. Its relevance goes beyond the fact of ‘illustrating’ or giving more meaning to a message; This language seems to be the next way to understand both the personality of the targets as well as an ideal vehicle to connect with them.

It is a graphic language that is increasingly and more strongly incorporated into people’s daily lives. So much so that 64.7 percent of users say that emojis make it easy to understand other people, while 49.7 percent use them to establish a more personal connection with their friends, according to information from Statista. Only on social networks like Instagram, almost 50 percent of comments contain an emoji, according to Appboy. In this way, it is not surprising that according to Appboy data, the use of emojis by advertisers in their advertising campaigns increased, only during 2015, about 777 percent , according to the aforementioned source. It is clear that emojis are no longer an element that only participates as a driver to improve the user experience; its relevance transcends issues of communication and understanding of the message. The interesting thing will be to determine if all the issues are sensitive enough to be approached from this ‘digital language’.

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