Microsoft Advertising, a step beyond Bing Ads

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Microsoft Advertising, a step beyond Bing Ads

In a time of extra pressure on find service provider by phone number uk budgets like the current one, the potential of advertising platforms operating on the periphery can be left in the background, if not forgotten. Microsoft Advertising and its Bing Ads have been exploiting the narrow space left by Google in the global search engine landscape for years. What possibilities does it offer to brands? Is it worth saving a bit of investment for this residual channel compared to the massive reach of Google Ads
Times of Change in Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads)
In April of last year, Bing Ads became Microsoft Advertising . This brand change is significant, as it reflects its evolution beyond search ads, which, although they continue to represent the core of the platform’s functionalities, Microsoft Advertising continues to put new options on the table of advertisers .

This summer they announced the extension of Microsoft Shopping campaigns to seven European markets , including Spain . In addition, the launch is accompanied by facilities for the launch of these campaigns, since it is possible to import the feed of products that is already being used for Google Shopping to the Microsoft Merchant Center.On the other hand, Microsoft Audience Ads appear to be following the same path and will be available in four new markets this fall (Australia, New Zealand, France and Germany). These types of ads appear on the Microsoft Audience Network with which the company founded by Bill Gates has expanded the advertising placements to Display mode on the MSN network, Outlook.com, the Edge browser and other affiliated sites . It is supported by powerful data sets managed through Microsoft Graph that manage data on search history, online behavior of users, LinkedIn profiles, as well as demographic informationMicrosoft Audience Ads placement management uses machine learning algorithms

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When to bet on Bing Ads and the rest of the options offered by Microsoft Advertising? gulf email list  Typically, three of the reasons why brands neglect an advertising platform are: because it does not have enough traffic to appreciate the results ; because the management of the campaigns is too cumbersome or because it is a platform that has just been born and there are still doubts regarding its advertising performance. Microsoft Advertising does not comply with any of them.Despite being far behind the absolute leader in the global Google search engine rankings, Bing’s market share has not stopped growing since 2010 . According to data from Statista , in 2020 it has already reached 6.25%, a percentage to which is added another 3.36% from the Yahoo! (desktop traffic). Do not forget that Bing Ads operate under the umbrella of the Microsoft Search Network alliance to which they both belong.

On the other hand, we have already seen that Microsoft continues to implement new features in its tools in order to facilitate their management and incorporate new technologies. At the end of 2019, it already presented its redesigned platform , although they have continued to implement improvements during 2020 . In fact, this year Microsoft has already invested 1 . 600 million dollars in the development of its advertising business . And it goes without saying that she is not a newcomer to the field of digital marketing.
So when is it a good idea to include Bing Ads in your paid digital media mix ? The answer includes a large depends , since every brand and product is a world but, in general terms and whenever there is sufficient budget, the Bing Ads are an option to consider when:

The reach of search campaigns needs to be expanded : not because it is a minority channel, it should be ignored: the results may surprise and for the better.
To protect the brand and prevent competition from taking advantage of a vacuum that we have overlooked.
The CPCs of the sector in Google Ads are through the roof and, especially, when it is having difficulties to achieve the expected profitability with SEA campaigns.
Microsoft Advertising, a space for innovation
One of the main advantages that Bing Ads have is that they allow you to easily import Google Ads campaigns , making the efforts dedicated to their management significantly reduced. Of course, there are some areas to pay attention to after importing, such as budgets, negative keywords and segmentation options and, once the campaigns are launched, it is convenient to optimize the accounts separately to maximize results.In any case, if your brand is open to innovating, launching tests and trying new options, Microsoft Advertising cannot be absent as one more channel in the paid strategy . If you think you could use some extra help to get the most out of your Shopping, Audience and Bing Ads campaigns, we encourage you to contact us and our team of experts will make the most of your accounts.

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