Millennials prefer their smartphone, while later generations stick with tablets

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Millennials prefer their smartphone, while later generations stick with tablets

How do online users act? What is your preferred device to access the internet? Is Facebook still the preferred social network? These are some of the issues analyzed in the latest Global Web Index report, where special attention is also paid to the behavior of online users based on the generation to which they belong. From the study we can highlight the following conclusions:
Millennials prefer their smartphone, while later generations stick with tablets. The use of mobile devices continues unstoppable upward trajectory. The report shows their penetration rate based on different ages, and type of device. Thus, we have been able to verify that more than 70% of Millennials have their own smartphone, along with 67% of Generation X and 40% of Boomers.
On the other hand, if we look at the use of tablets, we see how Generation X prevails against Millennials (33% vs 30%), as well as the importance of this practical device for Boomers (22%).
Facebook continues to be the preferred social network, capturing the largest number of users. It predominates among the 3 generations of study, exceeding 80% penetration for Millennials and Gen X, and reaching 70% in the case of Boomers. For their part, YoTube and Google+ occupy the second position, with 70% in the case of the youngest, and more than 50% of the GenX.
Data from the Global Web Index already showed last year the significant growth experienced by Google+, to the point of becoming the second largest social platform. Position in which he managed to unseat Twitter, who continues behind, conquering 59% of Millennials, 48% of GenX and 31% of Boomers. Gradually, the 140-character platform has gained a preferential position among the older generations, who consider it a useful means of obtaining information in real time.
This new report also shows the importance of Instagram for those under 30 years of age, with a representation percentage of 34%.

The multiscreen habit spreads among all generations. The practice of consulting our smart device while sitting in front of the television is widespread among all users. On average, 86% of those surveyed combine both activities, with young people standing out (91%).
The smartphone is by far the preferred device to combine with the silly box (58%), while 23% turn to the tablet. As expected, Millennials opt to a greater extent for their smartphone (70%), while, in relation, GenX users stand out for their affinity to tablets (28% vs 25%).
Increase the number of consumers who buy online
The study also considers the consumption habits of these users, reflecting the increasing presence of electronic commerce. Thus, 67% of those surveyed admit that they buy online, which represents an increase from the previous year (65%). On this occasion, the main online consumers are not Millennials (67%), but Gen X users (68%).Definitely, users have internalized the online medium in their day to day. They regularly turn to the internet as a source of information, have an active presence on social networks and naturally use their smart devices for everyday tasks such as shopping or watching television.

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