Mobile searches help you visit physical stores

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Mobile searches help you visit physical stores

Although online commerce has an importance and a really devastating boom, many times people prefer to buy in physical stores rather than stores that  online mobile phone directory india are exclusively online. The reason for this, mainly, refers to immediacy, if the article in question is needed quickly.However, in the age of the internet, this has its counterpart: before going to the physical store, a high percentage of users search on mobile phones to check the available options.
In fact, according to a study released by Google, 76% of people who visited stores at Christmas had previously searched for information through the networks. Here we tell you what type of mobile searches they carry out, before going to physical stores.What do I buy? Internet users usually consult the Internet when they have not yet decided on a specific product. Recommendations on what to buy are among the most sought after. Everything indicates that, through the smartphone, more people seek advice and help on which brands and products will be better.
Is it far or near? Another information users are looking for is knowing your location. Through the phone, users inquire about how to get to the place, the store hours, what availability there is of the required product and even about the waiting time they will have to be served. About the inventory, about 40% of the users have expressed their opinion that they would like the stores to offer more information about the availability of the products. Another option that has increased in searches through smartphones are those of the type “stores near me”, “coffee shops near me” and the like. The increase in this type of search is more than 150% in the last two years, according to Google.

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I am looking for the best option. Once users have made up their minds about what they want to purchase, they are ready to make the final decision. The  gulf email list inquiries at this time are specifically related to the purchase and the option that best suits you according to your own needs. In many cases, a search at this stage through the smartphone is intended to get a discount or a last minute offer. Even a high percentage of users indicated that even when they are already in the physical store, they continue to check their smartphone in search of options. Mobile content is priorityAll the data set out above indicates that even when people continue to go to physical stores to make a good part of their purchases, this does not mean that they do not use their devices with an internet connection.On the contrary, searches through smartphones have become fantastic allies to simplify processes, help and guide purchases, search for options and offers, and even know if it will be easy or difficult to reach the site according to the traffic that there is and what are the hours in which the store is busiest.
So, you have to prioritize the mobile experience in the stores that have their physical headquarters. All this taking into consideration the importance that users give to the information they can search on the networks about the stores and their products.

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