Mobile trends that will be boosted strongly in 2014

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Mobile trends that will be boosted strongly in 2014

We are immersed in the mobile age. Our inseparable smartphone accompanies us wherever we go, it has been integrated into our daily lives and it is difficult to imagine life without it.Our dependence on these smart devices has reached such a point that we can leave the wallet at home,  macedonia phone code but not the mobile. This has led to the development of mobile technologies and new functionalities and applications for this great little friend. Progress that in 2014 will continue to increase, according to Yankee Group, and that complement the keys to take into account to develop an effective mobile strategy.In 2014 we will experience the great development of mobile messagingAccording to Yankee Group evidence, more than half of the social platforms will have their own instant messaging application. An objective that Facebook is already working on, and which has just been joined by Instagram, which recently launched Diret, its messaging service, through which users can privately send photos to a maximum of 15 contacts.
Mobile video consumption will match that of pc / desktop
The development of mobile devices, together with the increase in the speed of internet connections, have led to an increase in the demand for audiovisual content through smart screens. Users enjoy consuming this content from anywhere, comfortably and individually.


There will be a breakthrough in mobile payment methods
This is the pending issue of  gulf email list these devices, who already give us the opportunity to search for information, even geolocated, compare prices and products and place the order. The next step is to be able to buy in physical stores, public transport or in the cafeteria, and pay directly with your mobile. An objective that companies like Starbucks have already managed to exceed, and that will be normalized in the future; as long as they are able to gain the trust of users, guaranteeing the security of transactions at all times.

Multi-screen consumersThe consumer is now multiscreen and their habits have completely changed. Their way of consuming and interacting with the audiences of other traditional media, the way of accessing news and current affairs, the way of looking for new products and buying from the sofa or anywhere else.
Investment in analytics for mobile marketing will increase considerably
Marketers need to know the results of their actions, as well as obtain more details about the behavior of users through these devices. This implies allocating more resources in the development of tools for analyzing and monitoring activity in these media. Yankee Group indicates that this investment will exceed that of new technologies in a couple of years.
Mobile connectivity is not the exclusive territory of the phone
Our smartphones and tablets will not be the only smart devices with which we will go out on the street. Google Glasses are already a reality, and will coexist with smart clothing, or smartwatches, among others. Thus, great technology players, such as Sony or Apple have launched themselves to create their smart watch model. Definitely, our short-term future lies in mobile development and innovation. For the implementation of functionalities aimed at improving our mobile experience and allowing total integration in the day-to-day life of users.

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