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Advertising: Currently it is the most used way to monetize a website. There are two possibilities when it comes to selling the advertising space of a site: directly to advertisers or from intermediation platforms (such as Google Adsense). With regard to direct sales, it is interesting to generate an advertising dossier that shows the available advertising spaces as  all india phone number list well as both qualitative statistics (time on site, bounce rate, …) and quantitative (unique visitors, page views, …) of website traffic. Regarding brokerage platformsBroadly speaking, it is only necessary to register in them and add a code on the website so that the advertisements of the advertisers that are attached to this platform appear.
Sponsors: Although it is a route that has been exploited for a long time, it has recently become very fashionable due to the growing demand for sponsored posts. In the case of having a thematic or niche-oriented website, it is quite affordable to find both sponsors for the blog in general and organizations or people interested in us writing a post sponsoring speaking wonders of their products or services. Although this type of way to monetize a website is usually dealt with directly between the owner of the portal and the advertiser, platforms have recently emerged to connect publishers and advertisers, such as ReankSeller or PayPerPost

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Affiliation: In short, affiliate marketing is one that thrives on a commercial relationship between the advertiser and the website owner. Using different advertising formats (mainly sponsored banners and links), the owner of a website achieves conversions (leads, sales, visits,…) to the advertiser in exchange for a previously agreed commission. This commercial relationship can be agreed directly with the advertiser (Amazon has its own affiliate program) or through affiliate platforms , such as TradeDoubler or Zanox.
Sale of own products or services: Thanks to the amount of content created, if it has been done in an appropriate way, there really is the possibility of generating a good personal brand image, so we can take advantage of it to sell our own products or services . For example, in the case of a blog by an online marketing specialist, he could take advantage of the pull generated by his blog to offer his services: consultancies, training, events, etc …
Sale of the blog: There is the possibility that, due to a lot of effort and a good job, a website can amass a large amount of traffic and important subscribers so it can become a benchmark in a specific topic. Consequently, it is possible that a third party is so interested that they may buy it. Oddly enough, many content websites are sold on a daily basis.
On the other hand, there is also the possibility of implementing contact forms and, in exchange for offering even more attractive content (such as a guide), users leave their personal data. This strategy is called Inbound MarketingIn our online marketing agency we are specialists in the design of workflows that allow us to attract potential clients and then carry out various campaigns. Contact us and you will make your website profitable .
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