Netflix unexpectedly cancels Sense

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Netflix unexpectedly cancels Sense

After two seasons, Netflix unexpectedly decided to cancel the third season of its original series, Sense8 , although it did not reveal the reasons for its cancellation. The series was created by the Watchowski sisters , who created the successful Matrix trilogy. After 23 episodes, 16 cities and 13 countries, the company made the end of the series official. The series Luxemburg Mobile Number List told the story of people in different cities of the world, who were mentally connected to each other. The premature goodbye of the series surprised locals and strangers, being that less than a month ago the platform launched the second season. Luxemburg Mobile Number List

It is not the first move made by Netflix, as it recently announced the cancellation of the Get Down series , considered one of the “most expensive” on television. In both cases, the news was confirmed by Vice President of Content, Cindy Holland. Likewise, at no time did Netflix make a “mea culpa”, but quite the opposite, in its Twitter account in the United States Brother Cell Phone List it wrote the message “Don’t Cry because it’s over, smile because you’re probably going to rewatch go in a week ”. In addition, the cancellation seemed imminent, since for days, some of the actors who play characters in the series were carrying out a campaign through Twitter asking them to demonstrate against the cancellation of the program, under the hashtag # RenewSense8.

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