NetWork, a new shared workspace in La Paz

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NetWork, a new shared workspace in La Paz

A new shared workspace in La Paz has just opened, ideal for those people who want to work without renting an office and thus optimize their time, money and work resources.
The new shared workspace in La Paz called NetWork opened its doors in March in the San  Georgia Phone Number List Miguel Zone in the beautiful city of La Paz. This Cowork is inspired by creating a network between entrepreneurs, small companies, students, creatives, among others, that promote the exchange of ideas and that help to concentrate among them to generate new business and undertake projects.
How did the idea for NetWork come about?

This shared work space in La Paz (NetWork) was born as an initiative of 4 young women, entrepreneurs, who were simply inspired by experiences of some trips in which they could live that interesting experience of working in a shared space.
WE GET TIRED OF GOING TO A CAFE TO WORK ON PERSONAL PROJECTS, OF HAVING TO STRESS OURSELVES WITH THE NOISE AND NOT BEING ABLE TO HAVE A SKYPE MEETING IN AN ENVIRONMENT CONDUCIVE TO DOING BUSINESSn addition to this, they stated that they often had to speak low or in code, having to deal with certain confidential topics in public spaces.
Also, the members mention that they found themselves several times with the typical situation of an internet that was cut off or had a very low quality, causing them to waste time not being able to work in normal public spaces.We realized that it was time to start a shared workspace in La Paz, which our city needed so muchThe members assure that they followed the world trend of new, more relaxed workspaces that inspire more and generate new partnerships, and gave it a personal touch, creatively innovating the design making it fun and comfortable.


How are the spaces and the service?NetWork has free and shared spaces so that its clients can comfortably enjoy the place they prefer.For those seeking privacy, they also have meeting rooms equipped with televisions and blackboards. Allspaces are designed with optimal lighting for  gulf email list the eyes.Apart from this, any package includes reception services, high-speed WiFi, scanner, professional-level multifunction printer, coffee, free water and fruits, newspaper, headphones among other amenities.In addition, Network has developed strategic alliances with neighboring partners to provide an easy and comfortable menu for cafeteria care with exclusive delivery at no additional cost for the convenience of all users. And if that weren’t enough, it has a base of providers that make your job easier, such as legal services, IT advice and support, web development, graphic design, accounting and administration with special packages for Network partners. Also supporting Bolivian Art
WE LOVE ART, AND WE HAVE DECIDED THAT WE WANT TO SHARE THIS PASSION WITH ALL NETWORK PARTNERSThis shared workspace in La Paz decided to enable its spaces to exhibit works of art by young Bolivian artists and they can also sell them right there. The cowork has collaboration with the school of new artists “Avispero”, part of the same entity; with which he intends to expose Bolivian talent, positively promoting cultural and work spaces in an environment surrounded by art. “Network is much more than a workspace, it is an invitation to think differently, to create and grow together with a solid network of contacts that we believe is key to the development of new ideas for Bolivia and the world” affirm the members of this place .NETWORK LA PAZ PHOTO GALLER1 of 29
NetWork a shared space in La PazNetWork a shared space in La PaNetWork La PazNetWork La Paz
If you are in the city of La Paz, either living or visiting and want to take advantage of knowing and working at NetWork, here are the contact information:

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