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Throughout our lives, we find colors around us in one way or another: be it the green color of tree leaves, the gray color of asphalt, or the blue color of the sky. german phonenumbers  The colors convey special sensations depending on the type, the urgency from the red and the optimism from the yellow for example. Let’s say that the color image serves as a trigger for a particular state. Clearly, sight is the most developed sense of the human being and to underestimate its power is to put our advantage against it. According to Jürgen Klaric , an expert in Neuromarketing, 84.7% of consumers recognize that the color of a product is the main reason for making the purchase. Without a doubt, our business should not ignore such a detail. In this post, we will see how color affects people’s psychology and how we can use colors to our advantage.
First of all, we have to understand what neuromarketing means and its functions in the business world today.according to neural activity towards behavior with brands. That is, to understand the areas of the brain that are activated in consumer decision-making.
It is known that the unconscious plays a very important role. In fact, 95% of purchasing decisions are made unconsciously , wow! . That means that the assumption that we are rational creatures as a whole is false.

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There are a multitude of neuromarketing techniques that allow recording the different reactions of the human brain to stimuli: Eye-tracking, EEG, MRI and many more. Once the data is obtained, marketing actions can be gulf email list  used to design and launch products in anticipation of potential consumer reactions.The advantages of neuroscience are the large amounts of data that they extract from the same subject. This exhaustive knowledge manages, so to speak, to “conquer” the consumer, creating tailor-made products.
From the outside, neuromarketing seems like the panacea for the business sector. However, like any exploited practice, falling into the wrong hands is a handicap , decreasing quality and confidence in the brand, being an intrusive and, unfortunately, manipulative activity. To this end , the NMSBA (Neuromarketing Science and Business Association) code of ethics has been created, specifying the uses of neuromarketing ethics in both advertising and marketing.
Have you noticed that when you look at the color blue, a sense of calm and security invades you? Or, if you look at orange, do you notice excitement, increased energy and spirits? Well, neuromarketing takes into account the impact of colors on our mood.
The human mind responds emotionally to color. Created by the perception of light that suggests the tone. Being especially sensitive to changes in light, colors “fire” a powerful message in our minds . Resulting in a concrete reaction. The big brands, they know this. For example, Red Bull or Coca Cola use red to their advantage, exciting the consumer and creating powerful “call to action”.
It is not about choosing colors that “you like” but about linking your brand according to the type of emotion you want to awaken in the consumer.


After understanding how colors alter our mind, we get to the practical part, using colors to our advantage. Therefore, ask yourself these 3 questions :What feelings do I want to awaken in my clients with my brand? For example tranquility, freshness, excitement or optimism. So if you want to generate a state of health and well-being from your natural products, green would be the most recommended option.
What values ​​do I want to associate with my product category? The congruence between your product and the values ​​they refer to are very important. For example, taking the previous example, if your articles are “ecological” clearly you will not use black, which suggests mystery. And, unless you want to achieve that effect for precisely whatever reason. It is convenient to avoid it.
What target market am I targeting (children, adolescents, youth, adults or seniors)? The type of customers and their behavior will greatly affect the choice of color. In fact, even gender shows differences, men and women are more akin to a certain color. They both have similarities but differ in certain colors. For example, purple is more attractive to women. While for the man it is black.
women’s color preferencesmen’s color preferences
So now you know, enjoy the opportunities that neuromarketing offers within an ethical and responsible framework. Take advantage of its infinite benefits in each and every one of the areas that you think is necessary . Developing neuromarketing strategies will no longer be a problem. Personally, I encourage you to apply the concepts already mentioned. Good luck!

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