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On March 9, 2018, Google made another of the much-feared updates to its algorithm. The  germany mobile number sample experts live this moment with much anticipation as it always affects traffic of the websites of our customers.After some time spent analyzing these changes in the algorithm, we could observe, the entire Mediaclick team, what is the trend of the new algorithm, which is what it takes into account to favor the organic positioning of one website with respect to another.
WE DETAIL THE KEYS THAT WE CONSIDER MOST IMPORTANT IN THIS NEW CHANGE IN GOOGLE’S ALGORITHMIf your website has noticed a significant drop in traffic, it is basically that the visibility of your competitors has stood out more in the eyes of the search engine, giving rise to a higher position in keywords.Google rewards quality content, high-quality websites have benefited compared to their competitors. If this is your case, pay attention to the next section.

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If we want our website to go up several positions in the Google SERPs, we must follow a series of recommendations:The maxim ” content is king ” is not in vain. Providing quality content that helps the user continues to be one of the most important aspects to achieve web positioning.  gulf email list Optimize titles, descriptions and the length of the content , being more dense and direct. Remember to focus more on quality over quantity. The greater the veracity and semantic richness, the more benefits with Google.IMPLEMENT THE HTTPS PROTOCOL
Gone are the times where we only had the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Safe browsing with the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) provides added security. Those websites that do not implement this protocol will lose positions without hesitation.
The WOP or Web Performance Optimization factor has a lot of weight if we want to improve our loading times. Optimizing our website will facilitate a more pleasant and pleasant interaction for the user.

Easily browsing the web is essential on the internet. A practical design, that is, clean, offering the best possible experience for the consumer. Therefore, analyzing the route since the user lands on your website, will allow you to find the bugs that have prevented retaining Internet users for a long time. FAVOR ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES
The arrival of the smartphone has meant a technological revolution. That is why we work to view web content from mobile devices. On many occasions the navigation has been frustrating and slow. Therefore, the AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages was born to increase the loading speed. Google values ​​and rewards those adapted websites. Go hand in hand with technology, they are only advantages.

Despite the fact that Google itself ensures that social networks are not part of the positioning factors of a page. Social networks can position social mediayour brand profiles in the search engine , increasing the entry ways to your website and, with it, generating more traffic. Being a list of all the pages on your website. The sitemap is a file that offers an overview of how your website is structured and what content is available to the search engine. It is advisable to constantly check that our pages are correctly indexed in Google. It is vitally important to know the reasons why Google does not index your website .
We can still find more options to counter Google’s algorithm. Still, the points said above should be the basis to help you.
Unfortunately we cannot make predictions about what may happen. For now, the only measure is to keep up with the changes that may occur in the network . In the end, all decision-making power rests with Google. Because each time, the algorithm is more precise and demanding. Being prepared is not an option but a necessity.


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