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Anyone who is even slightly acquainted with the platform advertising Google Ads , know that is not known for throwing many updates. However, in this case we are faced with a new update in the phrase match and the broad match modifier. Some changes have to be taken into account if you  chinese mobile phone number want your campaigns to perform well in every way.WHAT IS THIS UPDATE ABOUT?
To establish a basic idea we can say that the phrase match is going to be increased, that is, it is going to be expanded in order to include the traffic that would now enter through the broad match modifiers.These changes have already been implemented although it is not ruled out, as is normal in everything that has to do with Google’s algorithm changes , that for a small period of time some aspects are qualified or some elements are incorporated or eliminated depending on the experience that the user himself may have.Although it is always interesting to go to Google’s own source, users often come across information that can be excessively cumbersome in many ways with all that this implies from the point of view of planning their advertising campaigns.For all this, below, we are going to make an effort to condense all that information in the most didactic way possible.

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We believe that in this way the concept can be explained very well since, in reality, that is what gulf email list  happens. The unification of both concordances will allow them to behave very similarly to broad concordance, but in a much more intelligent way when it comes to coverage.
In other words. The aim is to provide the algorithm with a certain intelligence so that the campaigns, to a certain extent, can be automated. And it is that Google knows in detail the time that can be invested in the preparation of the campaigns and wants its own algorithm to elaborate part of that design in the most optimal way possible.WHAT TYPES OF ADS WILL WE APPEAR IN?
This, as it cannot be otherwise, is one of the questions that is being asked the most in specialized forums. And the ROI of the campaign will depend on this.Well, in this sense, Google has wanted to make it abundantly clear that as a rule that we can consider as general, the ads that are going to be displayed will correspond to searches that include terms with the same meaning or in those in which the variation semantics is sufficient to show the result to users.

They have also wanted to make it clear that as of June of this year 2021, keywords cannot be created based on the broad modified. Those that are already enabled will continue to be activated for the ads but with the behavior that we have described in these lines.DON’T FORGET TO CHECK YOUR CAMPAIGNS
How could it be otherwise, the campaigns must be reviewed after this update. However, with the intention of not reviewing absolutely all the nuances, we believe that some guidelines can be followed to know when to take a look.The moment you notice fluctuations in traffic, you should analyze what search terms entered before and now notIf you are forced to increase investment, it may be an indicator that the campaign is not optimized based on the new rulesFrom here, it only remains to adapt to this new change and perform different tests so that the best possible optimization is achieved over time. Only this is how mastery of this new update can be achieved.


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