New specifications for icon design in Google Play

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New specifications for icon design in Google Play

Google has presented the new specifications for the design of icons in Google Play with which it aims to improve the experience and consistency of the application store and give a new approach to the display of apps in the store’s tabs.As of June 24, all icons that have not been adapted to the new Google specifications will adopt the “legacy” mode, that is, they phone number database will be forcibly changed, which can make some icons look strange …🗿What is the difference between icon and logo?
If you thought that with the logo or logotype you had already made the icon of your app, you were wrong. You have to adapt to the platform and take into account the objective in the store.
A logo is the visual representation of a brand and mainly serves to visually differentiate it from its competitors. It can be in the form of a graphic, an image or be a simple typeface. Whenever we work with different sizes, it must be scaled up, so as not to affect its appearance
However, the icon of an app is a visual element that aims to help understand the main function of the app and its main objective is to improve the CTR and therefore the% conversion to download .
The normal thing is that it is related to the logo (example of Habitaclia) but it can be totally different.
Habitaclia app icon in the Google Store
Habitaclia logo on your website🎨New icon design specs on Google PlayThe new icon design specifications focus on the use of uniform shapes, which will help with adaptation to other formats and will solve alignment problemMandatory attributesThese are the attributes or requirements that an app icon must meet for Google Play:arencies or shadows since Google will apply them automatically).
Shape: Square. Do not add icons with rounded corners. Keep in mind that Google masking accounts for


Icon size
The size of the application icon depends on the shape it has and the idea that you want to convey. It will not be the same to speak of a minimalist design gulf email list (for example productivity apps) than of a more overloaded icon (for example games).Badges or promotions
Google recommends not using icons or badges from other apps or running promotions on the icon . I have never tried adding a promotion, but if we are clear that this temporary change is going to generate many organic downloads, we must value itBadges or promotions on the icon
Adaptation of the icon to the new specifications
To adapt the icon to the new specifications, you basically have to follow these steps:
Define what the background will be like: Completely filled or more minimalist.
Establish the new rule of 20% of the radius.
Eliminate shadows, transparencies or text if it has them.
Play Store example on how to adapt an icon
🎁Tips for creating icons:Simplicity: Sometimes a minimalist design is easier to identify than an overloaded one.Differentiation: What icons does your competition use? Try to differentiate yourself, for example, if it is a soccer game and most have an illustration of a ball, try a white goal on a green background, etc.
No text: The icon is too small, there is no room for everything. It is better to focus on a simple image than to try to add image and text. To add text we already have the title, description, news section, promotions .

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