New trends, challenges and key factors in the evolution of the contact center sector

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New trends, challenges and key factors in the evolution of the contact center sector

Sitel , the world’s leading company in Customer Relationship Management services, has prepared the report “Customer Relations Trends to Watch in 2014” which reflects the main challenges and key factors in the evolution of the contact center sector this year, taking as a reference the points of view of its clients, partners, analysts and experts.As a connection point between the trends included in this report, there is a pressing need in the sector to capitalize on customer experiences, in correspondence with the objective of generating value buy mobile online jordan  for companies, taking as a starting point, the fact that the consumer it is occupying the epicenter within the ecosystem of services and that it is assuming greater control.According to the Sitel report, 86% of consumers would be willing to pay more for a product that provides better service. It is a fact that, today, the frustration that some customers feel, motivated by long waiting times and unresolved problems, can cause reputational damage and an erosion of the customer relationship and, consequently, loss of revenue. In this sense, the main companies are offering premium services to better meet the needs of their customers, which can help improve their satisfaction level by around 45%. In the contact center sector, many of the interrelationships can become an opportunity to raise the level of service, gain competitive advantages and increase the volume of income.




Organizations focused on customer experience must be prepared to support customers through any channel (phone, SMS, email, chat, twitter, etc.). The goal in 2014, as well as for the near future, focuses on understanding how to  gulf email list infuse the relationship with the client with a higher level of commitment and closeness to take advantage of each interaction and contribute to the growth of the business. In this sense, the use of technology and new channels by contact centers becomes a basic aspect for buyers to be treated as individuals, creating truly personal relationships with them and their communities. For this, new tools and processes are required (sentiment analysis, real-time data mining, 360º customer overview, etc.),At the end of 2013, the number of mobile devices exceeded the number of inhabitants of the Earth and, it is estimated that, for the year 2017, the average will be 1.4 mobile devices per capita. At the same time, the use of this type of device to access the Internet has accelerated, a trend that is expected to continue to increase significantly. In this sense, it should be noted that mobile phones are introducing new and more proactive ways of establishing interaction with the customer before, during and after their shopping experience. The contact center capabilities will continue to evolve to meet the expectations of this new customer, taking advantage of the possibilities of interacting based on proximity or even anticipating their needs (for example, through in-store experience support and out-of-store, recommended services based on your location, premium support service offering, etc.). Thus, 83% of consumers state that they would rather follow instructions through proactive notifications than have to call a contact center.


Nowadays, it is possible to access on-demand applications in the cloud (cloud), so that contact centers no longer require installations or dedicate large long-term investments in licenses that it is not entirely safe to use. In this sense, the cloud is transforming the way activities such as recruiting, training, workforce management, call recording, analytics and customer relationship management are approached. In addition, the cloud environment provides great flexibility to handle operations with any type of contact and at any time without the need to invest prohibitive amounts. In this senseIn the last 10 years the volume of data in the world has multiplied by 44. It is a trend that has made companies react, to the point that 85% of them affirm that having Big Data initiatives planned and / or in March. In this context, it should be noted that professionals in the contact center sector are today constituted as relevant sources of information and data and, consequently, they are having a greater involvement in the complex engineering of Customer Experience. Through their interaction work, they can help mitigate possible risks, providing real-time information to companies on critical aspects detected during interaction with customers. But, above all, they can convey the degree of customer satisfaction in relation to their experience,More than 80% percent of consumers say that, after a bad experience, they would simply stop using a brand, while 82% would communicate it to others. Similarly, the quality of optimal customer interaction quickly becomes one of the top reasons for recommending a company. This is an important aspect if we take into account that, although the technologies and best practices provided by a contact center allow its clients to improve the retention of their consumers, increase their income and optimize total operating costs, the greatest impact is achieved through the work of professionals. The objective is to link the resolution of each positive contact with an action of added value, offering additional services, guarantees, spare parts, peripherals and improvements, among others. In this sense, 69% of the business-to-consumer (B2C) companies consulted consider contact centers as critical tools for generating business.


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