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Have you come across websites lately that move more than normal? Whether scrolling vertically or horizontally, we often find objects and backgrounds moving mobile germany number  at different speeds and directions . These are created through various layers, thus being in different positions and distances between them, which gives rise to a visual effect similar to 3D . This effect is called Parallax¸ comes from the Greek, it means “alteration” and it is a new trend increasingly used in web design.
parallax alteration What are the advantages and benefits of using Parallax in web design?

It must be borne in mind that this effect should not only be used to make it beautiful and convey a brand image but it should also provide much more to the user, an experience ; travel the web, tell you a story, show you a product like you’ve never seen it before, and even guide you around the web as it suits us without your noticing …This will make the audience of our page stay much longer on our website due to the “hypnotic effect” that occurs in the user, to name it in some way, if he finds an effect that is fun, unknown, tempting or invaded by the curiosity. When we scroll and something happens, we can’t stop doing it! Truth?
If we encourage users to interact and participate in the experience, they will come to discover products and services that they might never have consulted otherwise. Activate drinks is a good example. Of course, if we do not want them to leave our website before viewing it, we will need active resources to pre-load as original as possible since this effect implies the use of large images.

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In the future, before starting to create your website with Parallax, remember to make it mobile-friendly with the Mobile First concept ( see: Web design: Responsive gulf email list  Design and the importance of Mobile First ). In our online marketing agency we are specialists in web design, always keeping in mind the Mobile First philosophy. Do you need digital marketing services ?Other examples of websites made with Parallax:These are Things these are things web exampleIn Touch in tact web exampleHow to create the Parallax effect?
If you are just a little up-to-date about animation of elements in webs you will know that the most common way to do it is using Javascript since browsers are capable of interpreting this language. It can also be animated with Flash but HTML5 has superseded this technology since it is necessary to install the plug-in in the browser and it is also not indexable by browsers.To go deeper into how to create your website with the Parallax effect I leave you some simple tutorials that are easy to follow:

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