Nike confirms that compression stockings for runners do not work

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Nike confirms that compression stockings for runners do not work

Figures from Nike indicate that its income during 2016 was for 32 thousand 376 million dollars, which positions it as one of the most valuable brands in the market, despite the fact that Adidas has registered growth in Europe and the United States. The company funded a study with sports doctors from the University of Ohio, who conducted tests on people who ran India Mobile Number List for half an hour, wearing compression media during the session, and in the end the researchers found that the stockings did not reduce muscle fatigue or help runners keep up a fast pace. What is striking is that compression stockings were Nike sporting goods for years , and now the company must find a way to notify the public that the product does not actually serve or does not work for the purpose for which it was sold. India Mobile Number List

However, it was risky for Nike to see a result that was not in their favor. Especially when the company sold tight athletic pants that included compression materials, which are now known to not help the Brother Cell Phone List runner go further or faster. The study was done on 20 people who ran for 30 minutes on two different days on a treadmill, and what resulted in the end was that the compression stockings actually became a “bulge”, that is, heavy and sweaty. The study was presented by the university house a few days ago at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, however, Nike has not issued any comments or responses.

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