Nutella launches a limited edition of jars with psychedelic colors

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Nutella launches a limited edition of jars with psychedelic colors

Nutella is one of the leading products in the consumer market, due to the impact it has had on diets and lifestyles, which is why the company has managed to impose a style by modifying consumer habits . The trust and loyalty that consumers have in Nutella is so great that the brand is given the opportunity to create experiments in its flagship bottle, as in 2014 , when Malta Mobile Number List it allowed consumers to personalize labels with their names or short phrases, in their stores from London . However, now the company went further , since it decided to create another experiment and modify the labels of its bottles and design another logos with psychedelic colors. It’s about 7 million Nutella jars , yet they were sold out in less than a month . Malta Mobile Number List

The campaign was created by the Ogilvy Italia agency , who devised to modify the labels, which had the name of “Unique Nutella” . Apparently the choice of colors was by an algorithm combining dozens of patterns and colors to create millions of combinations. Furthermore, each Brother Cell Phone List combination was printed on a label, which at the same time functioned as a unique identification code to personalize and authenticate it as a “unique bottle”. Before the end of 2017, Nutella is expected to carry out another similar experiment in France , where it will launch several limited editions. However, the company has not been the only brand that has modified its original design, since a few years ago, Coca Cola allowed users to personalize the label with their names, even Diet Coke created millions of its own bottles covered in unique patterns. .

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