Older people also book their trips online

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Older people also book their trips online

Specialized programs that will help you expand your knowledge and take a professional leap.If someone thought that the internet was a place exclusively reserved for young people, they are wrong. EMarketer data indicates that 69% of those over 55 will access the internet this year in the United States, representing about 59 million consumers (58.7).These users, who make up 23.3% of Internet users, access the online medium in search of information about their interests, including traveling. Thus, data from the AARP study show that 83% of consumers over 50 years of age visit travel and entertainment booking websites in order to plan their getaways and enjoy their leisure time. A behavior in which consumers between 60 and 69 years old stand out, phone number for jordan  where 91% used the internet both to discover new destinations and proposals, and to formalize their reservations.For its part, the data provided by Hudson Crossing during the third quarter of 2013 indicated that customers over 49 years of age represented the market segment that booked the most online (34%). A percentage that places them above young people between 24 and 36 years old (33%); who we consider as the consumers par excellence, and habitual users of technology.



The hotel and flight booking pages are the most visited by this target audience. These corporate pages prevail over travel portals and price comparators (59.5%), as well as other resources such as Google Maps (53.9%). 68% access the hotel websites, in search of the accommodation offers that best suit their interests; especially in the case of consumers between 60 and 69 years old (70.3%). Likewise, 65.7% check the airline portals when choosing their destination, with the  gulf email list  predominance also of the same age group mentioned (71.6%). As wecan see, the users of the golden age constitute an important market niche that should be taken care of and taken into account when designing actions and strategies aimed at satisfying their interests. Thus, earlier this month Nielsen’s global report highlighted that our elders were the great underdog of brands. Only 38% of these older generations feel identified with the advertising and proposals of the brands, evidencing the deficiencies in specific services for this demographic segment.
For their part, women continue to be the main online consumers, also in this case; as well as great users of social networks. Data published in January by Radius Global Market Research indicated that ladies over 49 also turn to online and social media to find information and recommendations, before deciding to buy. Nor can we ignore the high interest of those over 49 in Facebook, whose activity rate is the same as that of young people (90%).

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