Overview: in which social network should your company be present?

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Overview: in which social network should your company be present?


Another aspect that you should consider is how the network will be used. Depending on the characteristics, it can be used as a platform to disseminate content or build an audience.Twitter, for example, works as an optimal channel for direct relationship between the company and the client, while Facebook allows a greater reach. Both are great for building an audience. Google+, in turn, is not very interesting for this purpose, but it can be used as a platform to share content. This is because the number of users who interact in it is low, but it is very useful for SEO, since Google guarantees greater authority to the links shared through this network.It is important to be where your audience is
To begin the process of choosing the social networks that your company should use, it is important to identify where your ideal target audience is and how you can share relevant content with it. Chatting with some current and potential customers can be a good way to find out what they are wearing on a day-to-day basis.Beyond that, even if your company is not going to act actively on all networks, it is important to create profiles in them to reserve the name, avoiding the appearance of pages or profiles with the name of your mobile phone number directory australia It is also worth remembering that the success of your actions on the chosen social networks will demand a lot of dedication, quality content and frequent publication. However, contrary to what happens with Twitter and Facebook, YouTube and SlideShare do not need to worry as much about the frequency of publications. Ideally, focus on the networks that are most relevant to maintain a more constant presence.
Using social networks well it is possible to create an important Marketing asset , with a qualified audience and reach potential customers and, best of all, with low investment.


In addition to being the largest social network in the world, with the largest number of active users in Latin America and the planet, the time spent by users browsing on  gulf email list  Facebook is impressive! We recommend that, regardless of whether your business is B2B or B2C, you have a business page on Facebook.
create a profile for your company but a page. In addition to being against Facebook policies, the specific business pages have data analysis resources with demographic information, personalization and unlimited number of connections.
Understand how Edge Rank works and how your company can better use it to improve engagement with your fans.Use custom tab resources like Like Gate. They are ways to promote your brand and offer exclusive benefits for those who like your company page
If you want to go deeper into this topic, we recommend you read our free ebook: Introduction to Marketing on FacebooTwitter: exchange of information with users
Twitter works as a direct channel, simple and with great interaction, which serves for people to communicate. That characteristic makes it a network that has a lot of content. It allows you to interact with other references on the market and has a high response speed and updatesIn case your audience has a high content consumption as a characteristic, commit to making posts quite frequently. On Twitter there is no Edge Rank factor, so posts are all displayed, making it difficult for your posts to stand out if there is no frequencyYouTube: excellent channel to attract visitors
Since many consumers prefer to watch videos over reading content, producing videos is a good way to impact your potential consumers. And if good content is published on the world’s largest video website, the result can be a lot more traffic and conversion for your page.YouTube has great authority over search tools, allowing the materials published there to have a greater chance of attracting qualified visitors to the channel. Another advantage is that the content published on this platform has a high power of engagement when it manages to please the public.

There are countless possibilities to take advantage of YouTube, be it publishing educational videos, product tutorials, case studies, interviews with specialists about the market in which your company operates, among others. Take the time to evaluate if your company has relevant material that can be adapted to that format, since the initiative can pay off a lot, even without large investments in productionTo optimize your video with SEO in mind, don’t forget to work on the title and description using the keywords defined for the material, and use between 5 to 7 words as tags for your video.Reviewing the statistics offered by YouTube Analytics will allow you to have access to demographic data related to the profile of the people who viewed your videos, monitor the growth of the audience and identify other information such as the percentage of mobile accesses or views that took place. by Youtube or by other websites.
Slideshare: more visibility for presentations
Very common in the corporate environment, presentations find in Slideshare an excellent way to have greater visibility. The network is a reference in the sharing of presentations in PPT, PDF format and offers various resources related to them.It also has a good authority against Google and, since Slideshare was bought by LinkedIn, all content can also be distributed to the audience of the other network. Another aspect that helps in the dissemination of content is the ease of using embed codes, allowing other blogs and websites that have an interest in the material to share itWork on the title and the first slide of your presentation. It is worth investing time to make an attractive “cover” and awaken the interest of the visitor to enter your material. A provocative description can also work.

Place Pinterest buttons on your website, mainly the two most common: Follow – so that visitors can follow your business updates – and Pin it – which works like the “Like” of Facebook.Remembering the potential of Pinterest to generate income, do not stop working well the resources for optimization. Take advantage of the company description space, which can be up to 200 characters long, focusing the message on the person your company wants to reach. Make use of the links for your website and do not forget to leave the full links, since Pinterest sometimes understands cut links as spam. Create different Pinboards, which can be divided into categories. That way you make your visitor’s search easier!LinkedIn: ideal for generating qualified leads
LinkedIn is today the largest corporate social network in the world and, for qualified leads generation, it is 277% more effective than Facebook and Twitter. Your company should not be left out, especially if it is B2B, since it is a network made for professionals and quite segmented. The first step is to create a business page. Here you need to post relevant content, such as new company blog posts and presentations posted on SlideShare.te in groups that have to do with your business. This is an excellent way to connect with people interested in your area of ​​action and position yourself as an authority on the topics of debate.Generate Leads using the products and services tab offered on the business pages for the description of your business.If the company’s blog is based on WordPress, it is even possible to install an application that automatically shares a new post on the LinkedIn profile, leaving your network of contacts always updated on company news.Google+: higher content indexing
Google+ is the social network created by Google and that alone should make your company consider it within its field of action. In addition to also having specific pages for companies, it contributes a lot to improve your authority and ranking in GoogleAdvice:
Google+ has the Livestream Hangout resource, allowing you to talk to different people and even manage to carry out webinars, announcements of your company and broadcast live events.

As the publication of content on that network helps in the indexing of the web address, it is recommended to include the +1 share button on the pages of your website.Instagram: focus on young audiences
Instagram appeals to the visual. It works simpler than most of the networks mentioned above. You can leave likes, comment and tag people in your images and, currently, it is quite used in the fashion segment. It is a very popular network among young audiencesAdviceKeep descriptions of 100-200 characters to contextualize your visual content, since visitors, as with Twitter, go quickly through profiles. Remember that to be relevant, your company must be direct.Use hashtags in posts. This resource generates a greater number of “Likes” and reflects the social aspect of the networkFollow up is necessary
In addition to creating and updating accounts, monitoring social networks is essential to measure the results of your work. Establishing that direct channel of communication between the company and the client also exposes the brand to criticism, suggestions, complaints and praise. Stay tuned to what is mentioned on the networks and always try to respond quickly and use feedback to improve your business.

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