People check Facebook more during food and TV commercials

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People check Facebook more during food and TV commercials

In its first quarterly report of 2017, Facebook reported that it already has 2 billion users , and its consumption habits suggest that netizens check it several times during the day, that is, before, while and People check Facebook more during food and TV commercials after sleeping, even Georgia Mobile Number List young people interrupt their sleep to open the mobile application. In a recent Facebook study, People check Facebook more during food and TV commercials he noted that users “can’t stop looking at the app,” especially during break times, in TV commercials. Georgia Mobile Number List

A survey of 537 people revealed that while they were watching a premiere series on television, during commercials everyone began to check their Facebook, which reveals that Mark Zuckerberg’s company has successfully improved its platform by introducing multimedia elements and redesigning your wall of publications according to the trends. Although it is a representative sample of its user base, the data is very accurate, however, they are Brother Cell Phone List results that could be of interest to Facebook and television advertisers , circumstances that take advantage of video and music on demand platforms by omitting commercials in their whole. According to Facebook VP Mark Rabkin , people no longer see commercials or advertisements at the times they are “supposed to see them,” which is a call for advertisers to rethink mobile advertising by making them shorter and shorter. eye-catching, plus they have to be more creative.

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