Person Centered Personalization

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Person Centered Personalization

The buyer persona cannot be built on simple models or assumptions. Its purpose is justified only when it is created from market research. Purchase histories, browsing data, social media analysis, customer surveys and other records.

With all this information in our hands, we have the opportunity. To understand the reality, needs, pains, desires and values ​​of people.

It is an understanding that helps us create content, campaigns and. Even products that are much better adapted to the public, in addition. To significantly increasing the possibilities of creating and. Strengthening the relationship of these people with the brand.

Personalization at the individual level

Finally, we have the deepest level of customization available. Treated in some foreign blogs as “Advanced customization”.

It literally focuses on delivering individualized content, that is, each consumer’s experience. Is unique and unequivocally targeted to their particular interests.

Here come the platforms that we mentioned in the first topic. Advanced algorithms collect and analyze a series of data and optimize. The R&D Directors Email Lists display of content according to the behavior and decisions of each user.

At the roots of these services, we have the so-called recommender. Systems (rs), a technology that includes resources such as machine. Learning and information retrieval (innovations that have completely changed our experience on the internet).

Why is content personalization important?

R&D Directors Email Lists

There are those who question the evolution of content personalization, but it is undeniable that it is a path of no return, especially since it is almost impossible to imagine the modern internet without it.

Let’s see some arguments that clarify the importance of this practice today.

New customer expectations
In the 21st century, we have witnessed the consolidation. Of marketing 3.0 , the age of communication focused on values.

Now is the time for marketing 4.0 , which incorporates the vision of. Its predecessor and integrates it within the current context of digital. Transformation , a movement that marks. The technical and cultural transition from traditional to digital processes.

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