Persumer, people before consumers

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Persumer, people before consumers

communication and PR actions that continue to speak with their public from messages or media that are not credible, nor do they generate any connection.People consume, and we will continue to do so, but we are increasingly  telephone numbers in kenya aware that price and value are not the same. The new consumer, Persumer, values ​​more brands that are capable of “landing” their messages from personalization and small details, than those that continue in a line of standardization and compete basically on price.Many people, in relation to consumption, are evolving. A true and profound change is taking place towards a way of thinking and acting more grounded in values, emotions, motivations and willingness to act. This evolution is given from a need to escape from inertia, because society is becoming aware that doing things in the same way as always, the same results are obtained and there is a need and attitude aimed at changing things .In marketing and communication, the traditional classification of society or the consumer generally starts from their type of life or from some common characteristics; housewives, singles, social class, young, urban, seniors … but none of them escapes one that groups us all; people. “Many of us are the persumer, a new consumer, more of a person than a consumer, who has changed, evolved, and is not going to go back”, they say from the Helmer Method agency, creator of this concept that defines this new consumer, more established and with a clear orientation to a better future.



This change in the relationship with the product has also forced the agencies that are responding to this phenomenon to evolve. “It is now”, in the opinion of Victor Huertas, director of the Helmer Method , specialists in actions directed at Persumers, of “immersing oneself in the spontaneous gulf email list behavior of people who look to brands for something more than consumer satisfaction, detecting insights differentials aligned with the global strategy of the brand, and implementing marketing actions with soul “. Because it affirms; “If the communication challenges are no longer the same, they cannot be solved in the same way.”
Marketing aimed at Persumers tries, based on the observation of societies in different parts of the world and the most precise research, to identify values, feelings, emotions that make it easier for brands to really connect with those who are predisposed to consumption. “We believe that all those who perceive this evolution, and feel that their brands are getting stuck in obsolete communication models, have the opportunity to reinvent themselves and attend to this change in the Persumer; more interested in this new way of thinking that moves quickly to their attitude towards consumption, “says Mila Valcárcel, managing partner of the agency. “We are investigating and working by and for them with the total conviction that this is the way,” he adds.

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