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This morning the news was released that Pokémon Go is now available in Spain. Apart from the arrival mobile number user name list   in Portugal and Italy. Although a couple of days ago we discussed how to download the free application in our post How to Install Pokémon go on iPhone and Android , today we can find it safely in our country as previously happened in other nations that produced overloads due to multiple requestsNow install the application you will do it in the blink of an eye. Enter your Play or Apple Store look for the name and once downloaded you will have to provide your name, date of birth, email and give permission to access the location and the camera.With only a few weeks of life, it has revolutionized the world so much that in the United States it already has more users than Twitter and the expectations that it has generated around the world have made Nintendo win 90% on the stock market .It goes without saying that this game is unique and that we have rarely been astonished by the power that this different way of playing from your mobile phone has represented. At Mediaclick we are waiting to see in greater depth how they evolve and to know in depth their strategies to enrich ourselves as a company in a market that is constantly updated.Although LinkedIn is currently the most important professional social network in the world , with more than 200 million users, there are still many users who do not take advantage of all the professional opportunities that LindedIn groups offer.As with any other social network, before registering a profile, it is necessary to know both the particularities of said platform and the objectives it can help achieve, in this case both at the level of personal and organizational branding.


Among other options, so that professionals can meet the objectives listed above, LinkedIn offers a very powerful tool that offers many possibilities: LinkedIn Groups . Thanks to these there is the possibility of creating communities or groups of people around a common professional theme, facilitating segmentation.The actions that can be carried out to achieve the first three objectives of the previous list (attracting traffic, social SEO and branding) are closely related. Taking advantage of the fact that the LinkedIn groups are made up of professionals from our same sector and our target audience, it is highly recommended to disseminate in these all the content that may be of interest and that can generate added value, making it easier for interested parties to visit the website ( attracting qualified traffic) or that value the contents (Social SEO) . If we add correct interaction in these groups to the dissemination of quality content, both the personal and corporate image will be reinforced (branding). In the same way that we disseminate content, many other professionals disseminate their own or that of third parties that they think may be of interest, making LinkedIn a perfect platform to acquire knowledge and stay updated .
Thanks to all the dynamics previously described, there is the possibility of positioning yourself as an expert in your sector and of increasing your network of contacts with people in these groups, among which there is the possibility that there are potential clients or possible collaborators for future projects . In addition, there is also the possibility that many potential clients contact you to answer possible questions or request quotes.
Broadly speaking, these are all the advantages that LinkedIn groups can offer us. For those of you who have not tried them, from Mediaclick we encourage you to do it as soon as possible and, for those of you who already have more experience in this social network, do you think we forgot something in the inkwell?

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