Pokemon GO in Bolivia: 7 ways to promote your company or business

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Pokemon GO in Bolivia: 7 ways to promote your company or business

Pokemon GO in Bolivia could really become a rage for both players or companies.At this point if I’m talking about Pokemon GO and you don’t know what I mean, that means only one thing
But don’t worry, I’m going to summarize a little about this video game and also talk about how companies can take advantage of this Pokemon GO phenomenon in Bolivia.Table of contents [ Show ]
What is Pokemon GO?
Pokemon is a franchise that currently covers everything from video games, to movies, television shows and even toys. Originally launched in 1996 under the name Pocket Monster Aka and Midori, the franchis  Canada Phone Number List Database Basically the world of Pokemon is based on Pokemon trainers who are dedicated to hunt and train and face different creatures, in order to gain fame and prestige.

Under this same concept and thanks to mobile devices, Pokemon GO was born.The game is based is a mix between the virtual world and the real world using augmented reality. Basically, people can, through their mobile devices ( Android and iOS ), search for different Pokemon creatures in the real world, using interactive maps and the GPS integrated into mobile phones for this purpose.In short, Pokemon is an augmented reality game, which allows you to become a Pokemon master in real life, in order to search, hunt and train the different Pokemons that can be found in the world.If you want to see better what this game is about, I leave you an interesting video about itHow to download Pokemon GO in Bolivia?
As I write this article, it is not yet possible to download Pokemon GO in Bolivia. There are some methods, but it has not officially been launched in Latin America.However, there are rumors that in a few days, Pokemon GO will already be available in Latin America .
So before this happens, I would like to give you some ideas of how this video game could be used as a marketing strategy.
Anyway, an interesting community of Pokemon GO followers is already being built in Bolivia on Facebook , so I invite you to be part of it by entering the following image.
Pokemon GO in Bolivia Facebook
How to take advantage of the Pokemon GO phenomenon in Bolivia?
Every time I turn on the television or radio, I meet people talking about Pokemon GO. From the good, to even the cons that this game could have.
However, no one is talking about how companies could take advantage of Pokemon GO in Bolivia.
Next, I will propose a series of ideas to take advantage of the arrival of Pokemon GO in Bolivia by companies that want to expand and devise ingenious marketing actions.
So let’s see them !!!
Pokemon GO Idea # 1 – Be Lucky to Be Near Gyms and PokeStops
In Pokemon GO there are two places that are of great importance.
On one side are the PokeParadas ( PokeStops ) which are buildings or places where players can get some Pokeballs or potions.The other place is the Pokemon Gyms where players carry out their battles and thus take control of that area with their team.
Pokemon GO in Bolivia PokeStop
Source: www.gamespot.com
Although we cannot choose to move our store from one place to another, if we are lucky enough to be nearby, we will already know in advance that it is very likely that during the day there are many concentrations of people looking for their Pokemons.
According to some sources, you can request to be a PokeStop (PokeStop) using this form from Niantic (Company that created the game). You just have to see when it will be available in Bolivia.
What’s more, I have the idea of, for example, a mobile food cart, taking advantage of these places to ensure a constant clientele.
Everything resides in the creativity of knowing how to take advantage of being or being close to one of these places.

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Pokemon GO Idea # 2 – BTL Actions in Pokemons Zones
Another ingenious idea,  gulf email list for example, would be to carry out different BTL campaigns in areas where we know there is a Pokemon Gym or a PokeStop.As I said before, it is very likely that these places are frequented throughout the day by hundreds of players and our brand could be there .In addition to this idea, if the company has a Smartphone and Pokemon GO installed, we can move our BTL action to areas where we see some Pokemon (Much better if it is a well-liked by people) and thus have a brand presence in that area.Pokemon GO in Bolivia map
Source: www.bgr.com
Pokemon GO Idea # 3 – Attract players to our establishment
This idea is just great.
Unless we are lucky enough that our office or business appears on the Pokemon Go map in Bolivia as a Gym or Pokeparada, there is an interesting way to attract players.
What is it about?Like many free games, Pokemon GO allows you to make purchases within its application in order to improve the experience, advance faster or achieve better results.Among these objects there is one called “Decoy” (Lure in English) that allow the user to attract Pokemons to an area for 30 minutes
Pokemon GO Bolivia decoySource: www.uploadvr.comDo you get the idea?It is as simple as having a Smartphone with Pokemon GO in Bolivia in the store or premises, buying some lures and letting people come to our establishment all day looking for the Pokemons that are attracted.But how much could this cost?Pokemon GO Bolivia LuresSource: www.justpushstart.com
Now comes the interesting thing.A “Lure” (Lure) costs 100 Pokemon Coins (PokeCoins)
For $ 100, you can get a total of 14,500 PokeCoins
What does this mean?That I can buy a total of 145 lures (168 if you take advantage of the pack of 8 for 680 PokeCoins) that are 30 minutes long and put several of them throughout the day to attract hundreds of players.How many lures a day?

Depending on the type of business, but taking an average of 10 hours, that means that 2 lures are required per hour.
Having the whole working day attracting people would cost a total of 20 lures.o for how many days could it be attracting people?For only $ 100, you could put 20 lures a day , which means that for a week you would be attracting Pokemon Go players in Bolivia to your business non-stop !!!
Much better if you have a food court, where the “Pokemons Masters” can stop to hunt Pokemons while they eat somethingPokemon GO Idea # 4 – Services for Pokemon GO players in Bolivia
It has already happened in other countries and Bolivia might not be the exception.I mean creating services for the players.
What kind of servicesHere is the level of creativity left in you, but you should know that it has already happened that in other countries there are people who are dedicated to offering hourly taxi services for Pokemon GO players, even people who walk your Smartphone to hatch eggs or who They hunt Pokemons for people.Pokemon GO in Bolivia taxi service
Source: www.milenio.com
Think of an idea for your company to offer services for these players, because by the way the hand comes, it is likely that we will have Pokemon GO Bolivia for a while.Pokemon GO Idea # 5 – Gym Leader Discounts
If your business or store is lucky enough to be a Pokemon Gym or to be close to one, then you could take advantage of that opportunity and organize some kind of promotion or discounts for those who become leaders of said gym after winning a few battles.
Pokemon GO in Bolivia GymSource: www.cnet.comHow can you know this?As simple as seeing who is the leader of the gym and showing you in the application that it is indeed one of them.

What’s more, by offering discounts or promotions, you will encourage more people to go to that particular Gym to compete.And what does this mean?MORE AND MORE PEOPLE IN THE AREA, MORE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT YOUR DISCOUNTS OR PROMOTIONS, AND OBVIOUSLY MORE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS.
Pokemon GO Idea # 6 – Organize a PokeCaceria with your business
Something that has been seen in many videos about Pokemon GO is that people for safety and for fun, usually move in groups.So why not take advantage of this for your company or business?
As simple as organizing a kind of Tour or massive hunt that begins and ends in your business.
You can use social media to set a day and time, the route to take, summon people, and obviously wait for everyone to arrive to start the PokeHunt.IF YOU CAN, WHEN YOU RETURN TO YOUR BUSINESS OR COMPANY, TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE A GIFT.This can be from a recognition or diploma, to even a discount, promotion or whatever you can think of.
Pokemon GO Idea # 7 – Gifts for those who hunt Pokemons in your store.
This idea is very simple, but it will keep people close to your company or business.What does it consist of?
Very simple.
Encourage people to show you a photograph showing that they have hunted a Pokemon at the door of your store or business.
Pokemon GO in Bolivia Store
Source: www.soydemac.com
It is not easy to achieve it, but it will surely be the case that one appears (Especially if you put a decoy as I mentioned above).I’m sure people will find this action fun and will try to stay close to your store to search for Pokemons.
As you can see, although there are many interesting ideas to take advantage of the Pokemon GO phenomenon in Bolivia as a marketing strategy.I invite you to learn more about this important game that is causing a revolution around the world and prepare for when it appears in Bolivia.

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