Positioning your business on the web: The most important steps

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Positioning your business on the web: The most important steps

Like any entrepreneur, we have all gone through frustration and the constant question in our minds of How will we make our wonderful idea or product known to the rest of the world? The answer is never easy and fast, however there are some essential steps to position your Egypt Phone Number List on the web and make yourself known.
One of the most important is the web (SEM positioning) and knowing how to use it.
It is very common for companies to have no idea how their potential clients look for them, know them and finally contact them. Sometimes they don’t even know if their prospects are finding them after looking for them.
That is why I find it extremely necessary to give a step-by-step guide on how to position yourself on the internet and make your business known to the public in the most effective way.
When a company starts its website, for the big search engines like Google, it does not have any importance. There is nothing and no one to ensure that the content on the site is original, of good quality, remarkable or reliable. So logically at no time Google will take the time to give you a good position in your first pages.IF we think about it in a simpler way, it is exactly what happens if a new business opens on a main street in your city. Nobody has the security or certainty that you are selling the best product, therefore, in the beginning if you do not demonstrate the difference of your product with that of others, nobody will be interested enough.

You may be wondering, then how are you supposed to start to position your business on the web ?!
The first thing is to know exactly what your goal is and what you want to achieve when positioning your business on the web. Usually the goal should be related to increasing the sales of your product or service, differentiating yourself from the rest, and / or increasing the recognition of your business or brand.
In short, to position your business on the web, you must follow the following steps:Step 1: My business model.entrepreneurship on the web 1Business model , courtesy of ShutterStockHave a detailed analysis of your company’s business model, that is, be clear about what defines your company and what makes it different from the others; that gives value to your product or service and how to show this clearly on your websiteStep 2: Who are my clients?
entrepreneurship on the web 2
Clients , courtesy of ShutterStock
Exactly who are the people you are addressing when positioning your venture on the web, that is, who is that client who is going to look for you through the web.


Step 3: The web page.entrepreneurship on the web 3Website courtesy of ShutterStock
The design of your website must be different It is necessary to be innovative and build a gulf email list  good quality website that gives you the possibility of transmitting the message you want to your potential viewers / clients. Be creative! Play with all the tools you have to make yourself more attractive to the public. Take the time to have good quality images with clear and simple texts, (which although it may seem a trivial subject, is one of the first signs of a “good quality product” on your page).
As I said before, your website is basically the showcase of your store. It is the window that customers will look at and then decide whether to “enter” or not, regardless of how attractive the store looks, or in this case your business on the webStep 4: Web Positioning
entrepreneurship on the web 4Finder , courtesy of ShutterStock
The minute you decide to position your venture on the web, it is necessary to have a content strategy as a basis to be able to create the marketing strategy of your company.

The information that you want to transmit to your public can come in the form of articles in a blog, video, photo or any way that you think is more appropriate to make your message known. This puts you in front of your potential clients as a company that not only shows and sells a product, but also knows in great detail what it is talking about!Step 5: Social Networks
entrepreneurship on the web 5
Social Media , courtesy of ShutterStock
We all know and are very clear about how important social networks are today, not only for the famous millennials and young generations, but even for the grandmother who has nothing to do at home.
Now which social network specifically to focus on?Well, that will depend a lot on the product or service you are selling. You must understand how each social network works and what type of person focuses more on which. You should take the time to understand how each one works, how they differ from the others, and see what tools it can provide you that another social network does not have.
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Step 6: What, Who, When and How …
entrepreneurship on the web 6
Plan , courtesy of ShutterStock
The most important part of your online strategy is going to be creating an action plan:Decide the contents of the website, each with a person in charge, and the periodicity, tone, length, etc. of each article or content of the website.
Develop a strategy to publish the content of your website on social networks and, as we already mentioned, analyze what is going on in which social network.
Take advantage of the possibility that being on the internet, it is possible to measure everything, therefore it is essential to constantly monitor the results of each publication or activity on the website.

Step 7: NUMBERS!
entrepreneurship on the web 7
Numbers , courtesy of ShutterStock
Finally, having concrete data on the activity of your website is the final step to success. Today there are endless applications (and free!) That can help you with this step (Google analytics, Google Webmaster Tools). Giving time to each tool, to know how to use it and get the best results from each one to understand well how your website works, can be one of the key steps for your online marketing to continue from strength to strength, or to fall overboard.
Well and the last step to position your business on the web and that everything turns out in the best possible way is that you enjoy it!
Yes, the whole process will be stressful and challenging, but enjoyed and take the opportunity to create something new and make it known!

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