“Products in this video”, new YouTube test to boost online sales

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“Products in this video”, new YouTube test to boost online sales

YouTube is testing “ Products in this video ”, a new feature that seeks to bring the world of online video and e-commerce sales even closer. YouTube naturally already ranks high in the TOFU and MOFU stages of the conversion  mobile phone number search canada funnel. How then to use the power of online video to drive online sales directly on the platform ? “Products in this video” pursues this goal: let’s see what it is. How will “Products in this video” work?
The official YouTube Features and Experiments page describes “ Products in this video ” as a “test that will show the audience which products are mentioned in the video with the help of new visual elements (they appear superimposed on the video and below it) . For example, in a video that highlights the ’10 best smartphones in 2020′, the audience will be able to see a shopping icon with the information and links of the specific models mentioned in the video ”. At the moment, this test is being carried out in the United States for a limited time to see how the audience reacts. Although it seems obvious that it will be available on both mobile and desktop, it is something that YouTube has not yet confirmed. Another pending question is to know if youtubers or brands will be able to choose the links to show or if the selection will be made automatically, although from 9to5Google they comment that everything indicates that YouTube’s artificial intelligence systems will have a lot to do with the process .

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“Products in this video” thus joins other YouTube initiatives that are committed to e-commerce to expand the monetization options available to creators. For example, already in 2018 it launched the YouTube merchandising  gulf email list  program for which it partnered with the personalized product store Teespring. In addition, another functionality available to brands and youtubers is the use of YouTube Cards , which allow you to insert links and bring direct traffic to any online store.Products in this video seeks to increase direct traffic to online stores from YouTubeProducts in this video” reinforces video marketing focused on sales
According to a Google / Ipsos study carried out in the United States , 90% of users discover new productson YouTube and, when researching a product, 80% of respondents alternate searches on Google and on the YouTube platform. online videos. In addition, another Google study indicates that, in Spanish-speaking markets, already 40% of users end up buying the articles they have learned through videos on YouTube.
With these data, it is undeniable that YouTube occupies a place of great importance in the pre-purchase stages, but it is not new that video marketing is increasingly getting closer to e-commerce and functions as an effective digital showcase capable of boost online sales directly .

In this sense, from the point of view of performance, it is worth highlighting the ad format on YouTube TrueView for Action . With this type of campaign, the aim is to obtain a reaction from the user , be it a direct visit to the e-commerce or the filling in of a form. It is crucial, therefore, the use of featured CTAs, as well as a careful selection of audiences to identify not only the affinity of their interests with respect to the brand or product (Custom Affinity), but also their purchase intentions (Custom Intent)YouTube and the power of social commerceWith “Products in this video”, YouTube continues to explore the platform’s possibilities as an immediate sales lever. This adapts perfectly to the activity of users who come to this social network in search of unboxings , tutorials, demos and product reviews . The new functionality will shorten your buyer’s journey by channeling interest in products directly to e-commerce.
ouTube’s long list of experiments shows that the online video giant does not stop innovating to enrich the experience of users and brands on its platform. The functionality under study that we have analyzed today, “ Products in this video ”, thus joins the long-awaited YouTube Shorts and the YouTube Video Builder tool in beta .

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